What can a Kids Apple Watch do ?

Apple Watch has a lot of features that can help make your kid’s apple watch experience better.

What can a Kids Apple Watch do ?
  • The ability to have an always-on screen gives parents a way to see who is calling or texting without the need for their kids to pull out the device.
  • Kids can also use the watch to send and receive voice messages, which means they don’t have to have their phones on them all the time.
  • You can track where your child is at any time with the built in GPS sensor, which will let you know exactly where they are.
  • Another great feature of this app is that it will allow users to set up meetings and appointments directly from their wrist, so they can keep track of school schedules.
  • There are many other features such as setting up parental controls so you know what your children are doing while they’re on their watches; there’s also FaceTime support which means you’ll be

>> Apple extends the Apple Watch experience to the entire family

Sends and receives messages: Kids can send and receive text messages through the watch. The watch also have memoji, and it does allow kids to send and receive pictures.

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Tracks your child’s activity: An Apple Watch for kids allows you to track their activity level, and it sends you notifications if they haven’t been active enough. You can also use this feature to schedule reminders for your kids to be more active.

Emergency SOS: If your child is in danger or needs help with something an Apple Watch for kids allows you to open the Emergency SOS feature by tapping on the side button three times in a row. Once that feature is opened you can then choose between calling 911 or contacting one of your emergency contacts. This will make the watch call out to the contact you choose until someone answers the phone.

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Use Maps: The Apple Watch has maps that are pre-loaded on it. This allows your kid to easily find where they need to go. They can also use Siri to ask questions about directions or any other questions.

Listen to music – It means your kids don’t need to be carrying around their iPhone or iPod to listen to their own music. They can just use the Apple Watch, which comes with its own speaker, or they can pair it with some bluetooth headphones.

Parents can Track their location with the Find My app – Another feature is location tracking. With “Find My app,” you can see where your kid is at any time on an app on your phone. This way you know where they are if they’re not supposed to be somewhere else, like at a mall when they’re supposed to be at home.

Gives Parental control over which apps they can use – The another feature I’ll talk about is parental controls over apps. You can control which apps your kid can download and install on their device, and block them from getting apps that might help them if they get lost or in other dangerous situations, like social media apps.

Parents have the ability to approve all contacts – These watches have the ability to approve all contacts that are added by your child. This ensures that your child is in contact with only people that you trust. Parents can also share their Apple Pay account with their children.

Apple Pay with family sharing – If your child is too young to use an Apple watch, Apple Pay is designed to help out. When a child pays for something using Apple Pay, parents get a notification. After they approve the payment, they can even give virtual high-fives or other digital rewards.

Outdoor Walk, Outdoor Run, and Outdoor Cycle workouts : One of the nice things about the Apple Watch for Kids is that it’s waterproof, which means it can be worn during outdoor activities whether you’re running, walking, or cycling. That makes a lot of sense for kids who are involved in sports or other outdoor activities; if they’re going to be doing it, they might as well track it on their watch.

Content Restrictions with parental controls

Apple’s system of restrictions allows parents to create profiles for each child that have customized settings for:

  • Bedtime
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Downtime
  • Screen Time
  • Parental Controls

Parents can also set up a passcode for each child’s profile. This passcode can be turned on or off at any time and is separate from a user’s main passcode.

With these customizable options and the ability to view notifications from the parent’s phone, it makes the Apple Watch SE a great tool for monitoring your children’s activity during the day.