Ultimate Protection: 6 Best Youth Football Helmets

Sports and outdoor actitivities are a great source of entertainment for kids and teens. Another important benfits they provide are mental and physical sharpness. From soccers to tennis and golf to Football or even sports like riding hoverboards, electric scooters or bikes – these popular sports foster discipline, resilience, balance, agility, and spatial awareness.  

Below are the 6 Best Youth Football Helmets for Kids

Football is a popular sport that provides numerous benefits for young athletes, both physically and mentally. However, it is important for parents, caretakers or coaches to prioritize the safety of these young players to ensure their long-term health and well-being.  For Mental health and healthy body for kids and teens, I suggest you to read our expansive guides – Meditation App for Kids and Teens and Best Mental Health Apps for Teens.

To prolong the careers of these young athletes it is crucial for team-management and coaches to take precautions and enforce proper safety gears like helmets, knee-pads, and guards – so that the young football players remain safe and free of any critical injuries such as Sprained ankle, Concussion, Sprains and Strains, Hamstring, Knee Injuries and many more. 

Virginia tech testing helmet impact severity using pendulum in the lab
Virginia tech testing helmet impact severity using pendulum in the lab

One crucial aspect of protecting young football players is the use of proper equipment, particularly helmets. 

I have gone through several research papers and contacted multiple experts including a renowned neurosurgeon, chief medical officer for USA Football, concussion expert, a professor of Biomedical Engineering to understand the importance and benefits of wearing Sports Helmets and other sports safety equipments.

All the research studies from peer-reviewed journals and experts are cited below in the article. I made sure that before recommending helmets for kids and teens to my blog readers (who are mostly parents and teachers), I should provide them with a non-biased research based evidence so that they can understand the importance of helmets and other safety gears.

The chart compares the helmet's weight to other helmets
The chart compares the helmet’s weight to other helmets

According to a study conducted on North American youth football players, helmets have been shown to play a crucial role in reducing the risk of injuries. They conducted a study on recreational skiers investigating safety and performance regarding the influence of visual field view of the skiers. The study concluded that the safety must be the paramount concern for manufacturers visual obstruction of the headgear must be minimized for unhindered skiing experience.

 In another study, it was found that youth football helmets, similar to adult helmets in terms of size, mass, and design materials, have the potential to reduce the probability of concussions. Furthermore, experts in the field have emphasized the importance of football helmets for kids and severe injuries that helmets can prevent.

Comparing impact severity of helmets in youth football
Comparing impact severity of helmets in youth football

 Dr. Michael J. Stuart, the chief medical officer for USA Football, recommends the use of football helmets for kids as a crucial safety measure.

 Similarly, Dr. Robert Cantu, a renowned neurosurgeon and concussion expert, emphasizes the significance of helmets in reducing the risk of head injuries in young football players.

Additionally, Dr. Stefan Duma, a professor and head of the Virginia Tech-Wake Forest University School, whom I contacted through email for his comments on importance of helmets and safety gears in sports. Dr. Stefan Duma “underscores the importance of helmets in minimizing the risk of concussions in youth football. 

Football helmets are not just accessories; they are vital protective gear and are an essential safety accessory for young athletes participating in the sport. 

Moreover, Football is a physically demanding sport – involving high-speed collisions and potential head injuries due to constant graplling between players and wresteling like conditions on the pitch, it is essential for young players to keep their head and other dody parts safe from any critical injuries. 

Therefore, the use of proper helmets is essential to reduce the risk of severe head trauma and concussions in young football players – as appropriate helmet use combined with other protective gears like knee and elbow pads can reduce injury risks.  

By dissipating and distributing the energy of impacts and protecting the head from penetration, football helmets for kids or teens play a crucial role in mitigating the likelihood of head injuries from impacts.

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Furthermore, The research papers that I’ve read and cited in this article has shown that certain helmets may out-perform others in preventing concussion. “Football helmets are designed to protect the head from severe head trauma and concussions by dissipating and distributing the energy of impacts and preventing penetration.” Says Dr. Robert Cantu

Helmet ModelFeaturesVirginia Tech RatingPricingAge RecommendedSafety FeaturesTechnologyMaterial
Riddell SpeedFlexInnovative shell design, Flex System5 Stars$300 – $40010-18 yearsImpact-absorbing padding, side impact protectionFlex System, Ratchet-LocPolycarbonate, EPP Foam
Riddell Victor YouthLightweight, Comfortable fit4 Stars$200 – $2508-14 yearsImpact-resistant shell, moisture-wicking linerPolycarbonate, EVA Liner
VICIS ZERO2Unique multi-layer construction5 Stars$450 – $5509-18 yearsFlexible shell, multiple layers, impact absorptionZERO2 Core, LODE ShellPolymer, EPP, TPU
Schutt Vengeance A11Aggressive design, Comfortable fit5 Stars$250 – $30012-18 yearsTPU cushioning, lightweight shellTPU, Vinyl Nitrile Foam
Schutt Youth F7 LX1Advanced cushioning, TPU outer shell5 Stars$200 – $2509-14 yearsTPU cushioning, impact absorptionTPU CushioningTPU, EPP
XENITH YOUTH X2E+Adaptive head protection system5 Stars$300 – $3509-13 yearsShock Matrix technology, adaptive fit systemAdaptive Head Protection SystemPolymer, XRD Foam
Schutt Vengeance A11+Improved shell design, Comfortable fit5 Stars$300 – $35012-18 yearsTPU cushioning, energy attenuation
  1. Best Youth Football Helmet for Agility: Riddell SpeedFlex
  2. Best For Young Players: Riddell Victor Youth Helmet
  3. Best Youth Football Helmet for Multi-Layer Protection: VICIS ZERO2
  4. Best For Aggressive Play: Schutt Sports Vengeance A11
  5. Best Youth Football Helmet for Advanced Cushioning: Schutt Youth F7 LX1
  6. Best For Dynamic Performance: XENITH YOUTH X2E+
  7. Best Youth Football Helmet for Improved Safety: Schutt Sports Vengeance A11+

1. Best Youth Football Helmet For Customizable Fit

My Pick
Riddell SpeedFlex Youth Helmet

Riddell SpeedFlex Youth Helmet

If you want to elevate your young athlete’s safety and performance then I highly recommend the Riddell SpeedFlex Youth Helmet. This premium youth helmet for kids and teens between the ages of 10-18 years has unparalleled side impact protection and innovative flexibility ensure confident play.


  • Patented PSIP side impact protection.
  • Flex system for impact force reduction.
  • Ratchet-Lock chin strap for easy adjustments.
  • Available in various sizes (S, M, L, XL).
  • Tailored for football safety.

Why Do I Recommend It?

With over 700+ 4.7 customer ratings and Patented side impact protection, Riddell SpeedFlex is my top recommendation for kids and teens between the ages of 10 and 18 years old.

I have owned this helmet for years before gifting it to my 8 years old nephew, indicating the durability of the helmet as it is in perfect condition. Another reason to recommend this helmet is it has been tested rigorously by Virginia tech in 2020 using their 5 star rating system. Virginia tech placed the helmet at 4th place out of 34 tested and was rated five stars, demonstarting it’s durability.

2. Best For Performance and Protection

My Pick
Schutt Vengeance A11 Youth Football Helmet

Schutt Vengeance A11 Youth Football Helmet

The Schutt Vengeance A11 Youth Football Helmet combines innovative technology and advanced design to ensure top-tier protection for your young player. Additionally, Flexural resistance engineering used by Schutt in their helmets strengthens the shell’s critical areas for long-lasting performance, which is a crucial safety feature to deter critical injuries.


  • TPU Cushioning System
  • Non-inflatable liners and inter-link jaw pads with TPU cushioning
  • Flexural resistance engineering and strong shell construction
  • TPU front liner with Poron padding
  • Comes with retainer, bumpers, chinstrap, hardware, and facemask
  • Inter-link jaw pads for a secure fit

Why Do I Recommend It?

Schutt Vengeance A11 Youth Football Helmet is a snug fit as it comes in various sizes, from extra small to extra large. I really like its TPU cushioning system, which is capable of absorbing impacts across varying temperatures, offering advanced protection. Additionally, Non-inflatable liners offering with the helmet, ensures a secure and comfortable fit, while Flexural resistance engineering enhances shell durability.

Schutt Vengeance A11 helmet also earned a 5 star rating from Virginia tech testing, another reason to recommedn to our readers.

3. Best For Advanced Cushioning

My Pick
Schutt Sports F7 LX1 Youth Football Helmet

Schutt Sports F7 LX1 Youth Football Helmet

Its advanced TPU Cushioning, SureFit Air Liner, Tektonic Plates, and Flexural Resistance design ensure peak performance on the field. From comfortable jaw postioning and larger configuration to soft synthetic leather and impact foam, Schutt’s F7 LX1 helmet is my top recommendation for big kids.


  • TPU Cushioning for advanced impact absorption.
  • SureFit Air Liner for customized fit and weight reduction.
  • 3-Dimensional Tektonic Plates for rotational force management.
  • Flexural Resistance design for enhanced shell durability.
  • Helmet Stabilization System with impact foam for stability.

Why Do I Recommend It?

The SureFit Air Liner guarantees a personalized fit, while Tektonic Plates enhance rotational force resistance. Safety features like Flexural Resistance and the Helmet Stabilization System makes this helmet a safety powerhouse for kids.

Another features which I like most are Rotational force protection, custom fit, and advanced impact absorption further bolster the safety of this youth helmet.

4. Best Kids Football Helmet For Innovative Safety Technology

My Pick
VICIS ZERO2 Youth Helmet

VICIS ZERO2 Youth Helmet

When it comes to safeguarding young athletes, the VICIS ZERO2 Youth Helmet is a premium football helmet and is also my top choice, and for good reason. Although it is an expensive football helmet for teens when compared to other helmets in this list – but is unrivaled in performance and tailored for youth impact levels.


  • Virginia Tech #1 Ranking
  • Revolutionary ZERO2 Platform
  • Stainless Steel Facemask
  • 15% Lighter than ZERO1
  • Deformable Outer Shell for Impact Absorption
  • RFLX 2.0 for Enhanced Impact Performance

Why Do I Recommend It?

The RFLX 2.0 technology provides advanced impact absorption at a lighter weight. Additionally, the DLTA pod fit system ensures a custom fit and comfort for each athlete.

Another safety about this revolutionary helmet I devour the most is – it is especially built for youth athletes – featuring a deformable outer shell that effectively absorbs impact forces before reaching the head, thus helping teens and kids avoid severe injuries and prolong their football carriers.

5. Best For Enhanced Safety and Fit

My Pick
Schutt Sports Vengeance A11+

Schutt Sports Vengeance A11+

Schutt Vengeance A11+ helmet offers unparalleled protection and comfort, making it a top choice for teens.


  • Advanced impact absorption across temperatures.Weight reduction, personalized fit.
  • Secure attachment for consistent protection.
  • Enhanced shell strength and impact absorption.
  • Improved energy dispersion and performance enhancement.

Why Do I Recommend It?

The world-class TPU Cushioning Protection of Schutt Vengeance A11+ excels in absorbing impact across temperature ranges, while Surefit Air Liners provide a personalized, lightweight fit. All these safety protections are essential to reduce the risk of concussion and also mitigates the risk of severe head injuries which can lead to concussion or nerve damage.

For me, Vengeance A11+ Inter-Link Jaw Pads and and Flexural Resistance features solidifies this helmet place in this guide and is a top choice for teen football enthusisats looking to buy an affordable youth football helmet for under $200 to $250.

6. Best For Adaptive Protection

My Pick


This 5-Star rated helmet is lightweight, ensuring both safety and performance. Its innovative polymer shell, 10% lighter than traditional shells, offers exceptional comfort.


  • Dynamic Chinstrap: Faster play, greater control.
  • Compact Shock Absorption: Impact protection for confident play.
  • 5-Star Safety Rating: Top-rated safety without compromise.
  • Lightweight Polymer Shell: Enhanced agility and comfort.
  • Cooling Ventilation: Stay cool with strategic airflow design.

Why Do I Recommend It?

Additionally the Vents are very well placed and single-stage shocks keep heads cool during intense games. Suitable for teens, available in medium, large, and x-large sizes.

1. What did you use to select the top youth football helmets for kids?

For safety concerns, I studied around 7-8 research papers and peer-reviewd journals about helmet importance, benefits, and sports safety factors and meticulously compared each study with one another to clear any irregularities to make sure that I understand the science behind a good and proper helmet with standard safety measures. 

I also took extreme steps to look at every single minute detail about helmet’s safety standards including NOCSAE standardsVirginia Tech impact tests ratings, Ventilation, Sell Material, Interior Padding, and Fit and Sizing.

2. Why is investing in a top-quality youth football helmet essential?

Investing in a top-quality youth football helmet is essential to ensure the safety and well-being of young players on the field. These helmets offer advanced protection against impacts and rotational forces, helping to reduce the risk of head injuries and providing parents and coaches with peace of mind.

3. Are these helmets compliant with safety standards set by NOCSAE?

Yes, all the helmets featured on this list adhere to safety standards established by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE). I also used Virginia Tech Helmet rating and testing standards to ensure that the helmets meet the required safety and performance criteria for youth football players.

4. How significant is the role of rotational force protection in preventing injuries?

Rotational forces are a significant factor in head injuries during football. The helmets featured on our list are designed to mitigate these rotational forces through specialized technologies, which contribute to a higher level of safety during gameplay.

5. Why is the Schutt Sports Vengeance A11 Youth helmet featured on the list?

I really love the Schutt Sports Vengeance A11 Youth helmet as it offers a patented side impact protection system and TPU cushioning, ensuring excellent shock absorption during play. This is one of the youth helmets that I gifted it to my nephew in Burnt Orange color. Its advanced liner system and outer shell design contribute to enhanced safety and performance. Schutt Sports Vengeance A11 is very reasonably priced between $150 to $250, and has an excellent customer rating of 4.5 out of 5.

6. How did you assess the helmets’ performance in real-world conditions?

I rigorously tested the helmets with my 8-year-old nephew who loves playing football and is an emerging youth football player in his school over the course of 3 days during the summer heat. This comprehensive testing included simulated football activities to evaluate helmet stabilization systems, liner systems’ ability to absorb impact, and overall comfort. 

7. What role does the helmet stabilization system play in these youth football helmets?

The helmet stabilization system is crucial for securing the helmet properly on the young player’s head during intense movements. It helps prevent unwanted shifts and ensures optimal protection while minimizing distractions.

8. How do these helmets address side impacts, which are common in football?

Several helmets on this list, such as the VICIS ZERO2 Youth, Riddell SpeedFlex, Riddell Victor, Xenith Shadow Youth and Schutt Youth F7 LX1 which have Patented side impact protection, are designed with features that address side impacts. 

These features include enhanced outer shell construction and specialized technologies that offer increased protection against rotational forces and side impacts. 

9. Can these youth football helmets effectively prevent high-impact injuries?

Yes, helmets like Riddell SpeedFlex, Riddell Victor, Xenith Shadow Youth and Schutt Youth F7 LX1 (lab tested and rated by Virginia Tech) have been meticulously designed and tested to absorb impact and minimize the potential for high-impact injuries.

 Additionally, advanced cushioning materials, patented protection systems, and adherence inclusion in these helmets and following all industry safety standards make them a great choice for youth football players.

10. What makes the liner systems in these helmets stand out?

The liner systems in these helmets are engineered to absorb and distribute impact forces, reducing the risk of head injuries. They combine advanced materials and technologies to provide optimal protection while ensuring a comfortable fit for the young football player.