20 Creative Middle School Journal Prompts

As an elementary school teacher, I, Jeninder Kaur, have always been dedicated to nurturing young minds and fostering their intellectual growth. Just as important as teaching mathematics or science, enhancing writing skills in middle schoolers is crucial for their overall cognitive development.

A study “Poetry as a Creative Practice to Enhance Engagement and Learning in Conservation Science” published by Bioscience peer-reviewed scientific journal concludes that writing poetry has been shown to improve language skills and creativity.

That’s why as a elementary school teacher I always proactively give writing assignments like writing journal topics and essays to my students.

The health benefits of writing about intensely positive experiences” published study and survey by Chad M Burton  and Laura A. They who took sample of 90 undergraduates who were randomly tasked to write about positive experiences concluded that expressive writing  can reduce symptoms of depression.

A black kid standing near books and the article heading reads creative middle school journal prompts

With our children now more tech-savvy than ever, it’s possible to combine their fondness for technology with the need to develop their writing skills. 

Right now I am living in sydney and working as a teacher but I have done my middle schooling from Mumbai, India from national sarvodaya high school. My home was about half a mile away from my school and me and my brother used to walk to our school. It was really fun days and I was a really bright student having great interest in taking part in quizzes and viva competitions.

My english teacher was amazing and I remember she used to gives us journal prompts at the end of the school week so that we could take our time and write about the prompt on weekends and get back to her on mondays.

I vividly remember that I really liked writing about “A letter to future yourself” where I wrote about that I will be a teacher one day. I’m happy now that i’ve succeeded on that dream and that’s why I’ve included this specific journal prompt in my top 20 middle school journal prompts list. 

Another study conducted by Krista K. Fritson and Destinee A. Nelson suggests that students who engage in regular journaling have been shown to improve their writing skills. Also, University of Wisconsin Whitewater published a research based article on their learning center titled “Efficient Ways to Improve Student Writing” explaining that,  writing about a time in their life can help middle school students reflect on their experiences and develop their writing skills.

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Here are 20 creative journal prompts that your middle schoolers will surely enjoy. These ideas will not only improve their writing skills but also foster their creativity and imagination. 

1. Write About a Time 

Write About a Time

Encourage your students to write about a time when they felt extremely happy or sad. This prompt allows them to explore their emotions and express them through words. 

2. Video Game Story 

Video Game Story

Most kids love video games. Ask them to write a story about their favorite video game character. This can be a fun way for them to practice narrative writing. 

3. Write a Letter 

Write a Letter 

Writing a letter to their favorite book character can be an engaging way to improve their writing skills. It helps them understand the character’s point of view and express their thoughts and feelings. 

4. Fun Writing Prompts 

Fun Writing Prompts

Provide them with fun writing prompts, such as “write a short story about your favorite animal”. This can significantly enhance their creativity and imagination. 

5. Write an Acrostic Poem 

Write an Acrostic Poem

Ask them to write an acrostic poem about their favorite foods. This can be a fun and creative way to practice poetry. 

6. Diary Entry 

Diary Entry prompt

Encourage students to write a diary entry about their day. This helps them practice writing from a first-person perspective. 

7. Short Story 

Short Story Creative Middle School Journal Prompt

Ask students to write a short story on a given theme, such as “a day at the zoo”. This helps them understand how to create a storyline and characters. 

8. Favorite Book 

Favorite Book 

Ask them to write about their favorite book and why they love it. This helps them develop their critical thinking and reasoning skills. 

9. Imagine you are a superhero

Imagine you are a superhero school journal prompt

Give them writing prompt ideas such as “Imagine you are a superhero, what would your powers be and why?”. These prompts can stimulate their creativity and enhance their writing skills. 

10. Write a Poem 

Write a Poem Middle School Journal Prompt

Encourage them to write a poem about their favorite animal or a person they admire. This helps them tap into their emotions and express them through words. 

These journaling prompts are not just for improving writing skills but are also designed to stimulate creative thinking among middle school students. So, go ahead and introduce these exciting writing prompts for kids in your classroom and see their writing growth. 

11. Write about a time when you felt proud of yourself 

Write about a time when you felt proud of yourself  prompt

Think back to a moment when you achieved something significant or overcame a challenge. Describe the event, how you felt, what you learned, and how it affected your self-esteem. 

12. Video game adventure 

Video game adventure

If you were inside your favorite video game, what kind of character would you be, and what adventures would you have? Write a short story about your video game adventure. 

13. Write a letter to your future self 

Write a letter to your future self

What would you tell your future self? Write a letter with advice, predictions, and questions you have for your future self. 

14. A day from a pet’s point of view 

A day from a pet's point of view 

Write a diary entry as if you were your favorite animal. Describe what you do during the day, how you interact with humans, and other animals. 

15. Fun writing prompts: Your favorite foods 

Fun writing prompts - Your favorite foods

List your favorite foods and describe why you like them. You could even write an acrostic poem with the name of your favorite dish. 

16. Write a poem about your favorite book 

Write a poem about your favorite book 

Select your favorite book and write a poem that captures its essence. Include elements like the plot, characters, and why you enjoy it so much. 

17. Creative writing: Alien Encounter 

Creative writing - Alien Encounter

Imagine you encountered an alien. Write a story about your interactions and the things you learned from each other. 

18. What would you do with a million dollars? 

What would you do with a million dollars?

Write a journal entry about what you would do if you had a million dollars. Would you save it, spend it, donate it? 

19. Persuade your parents 

Persuade your parents

Imagine you need to persuade your parents to let you do something they’re not very keen on. How would you convince them? Write a persuasive letter to them. 

20. The Perfect Day 

The Perfect Day 

Describe your perfect day from start to finish. Write about who would be there, what you would do, and why it would be your perfect day. 

Note: These creative writing prompts for middle school students are meant to inspire and encourage students to express themselves and explore new ideas. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers in creative writing. The beauty lies in the creativity and imagination of the writer.