Kid-Friendly Browsers : Best Browsers with Parental Controls

Whether you have a phone, tablet, or computer in your home, there is no doubt that everyone uses the internet to one extent or another. With the increasing use of the internet by those at home comes concerns about how kids are using it.

Parents are always concerned about the internet their kids are on. They fear that their kids may stumble upon inappropriate content or even worse, cyber bullies. The truth however is that the web isn’t such a bad place after all and if you know how to deal with it, it can be a great source of fun, knowledge and learning.

➡ Internet Safety for Kids

Kid-Friendly Browsers - Best Browsers with Parental Controls
Kid-Friendly Browsers – Best Browsers with Parental Controls

The key is to find out which browsers have various levels of parental controls to protect your kids from cyberbullying, getting into trouble and other undesirable activities.

How Can I Protect My Child from Strangers Online?

If you want to ensure your child’s safety online, you need to take certain protective measures. I will give you a list of kid-friendly browsers and search engines for kids that have parental controls, so you can let them go on the internet with no worries in mind.

Safeguarding children from the evils of the internet is a top priority for most parents. But even with the best parental controls at their disposal, parents can’t always be there to watch what their kids are up to.

When parents aren’t around, kids might try to bypass parental controls or they might simply click a link that takes them somewhere they shouldn’t go. That’s why many parents opt for kid-friendly browsers as a way to limit their child’s access to inappropriate content.

Kid-friendly browsers aren’t just browser apps with built-in parental controls. Many kid-friendly browsers are designed with children in mind and will only show kid-friendly content. If you want to keep your kids safe online, these are the best kid-friendly browsers available today.

1. SPIN Safe Browser

SPIN Safe Browser for Kids with Parental Controls
SPIN Safe Browser for Kids with Parental Controls

Want to make the Android and iOS devices you already own safer for your kids? With SPIN Browser, you can browse the Internet with confidence. With its built-in filters, no questionable content will make it through without your knowledge.

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SPIN Safe Browser prevents your child from viewing explicit content by blocking sites and graying out questionable areas on sexual, violent and other sites. Although the program is for kids, everyone can use it to surf a cleaner Web.

The app can be used with a main account, which includes unlimited devices, advanced features like alerting you when suspicious websites are visited and restrictions on time of day browsing can occur. Or subscribe separately for $15.99 a year – the price is the same no matter how many users you set up.

This gives you access to two days’ worth of SPIN Premium per user per year. You can add more days as needed.

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With absolutely no configuration required, SPIN filters all sites on your home network by default. If you need additional filtering power, it can also filter all your kid’s smartphone access as well. The free version removes advertising, including Google Ads and AdMob, but if your kid uses an Android phone or tablet, you’ll get full parental control for total access control using Boomerang’s powerful filtering and monitoring tools.

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If your child is showing an interest in the Internet and you’d feel more comfortable with a safe browser instead of one that could expose them to questionable content, SPIN Safe Browser is worth a look. It can be used alone, or in conjunction with Boomerang Parental Control if you decide you want more control over what your child accesses online. Even if you never use the monitoring features, it is still a free way to keep your children away from sites that might make them uncomfortable or upset.

2. Kiddle – Visual Search Engine for Kids

Kiddle Safe Browser for Kids with Parental Controls
Kiddle Safe Browser for Kids with Parental Controls

Get kids started on the Web with an easy-to-use browser made for them, powered by Google. Kiddle features images from Kiddle’s own encyclopedia, as well as popular search topics from Google and other web services, making it a simple but useful tool for browsing the Internet.

Kiddle is a browser made specifically for kids. It’s a simple and colorful way to access Google Search, all while giving kids the freedom to explore the world safely. By keeping parents in charge of what their kids search, Kiddle prevents accidental stumbling upon dangerous sites. Kids can browse all day without any threats to their safety or exposure to inappropriate content.

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Kiddle is a great browser for kids because it’s easy to use, fun, and safe. We liked that you can block certain sites so your kid doesn’t run into inappropriate content while they’re searching online. Because it’s powered by Google, kids will have unlimited access to the world’s largest database of information as they learn to navigate the countless websites in their quest for knowledge.

While there are plenty of kid-centric browsers on the market right now for kids, Kiddle is one of our top choices because of the way it helps parents directly control their kids’ internet usage.

3. KidRex

KidRex Safe Browser for Kids with Parental Controls
KidRex Safe Browser for Kids with Parental Controls

KidRex is a search engine for children, thus the name. As its name suggests, it’s designed for kids and a child-friendly way of searching. It’s not like any other browser because, unlike other browsers such as Google Chrome, KidRex doesn’t have images and videos yet still provides the same information you need. KidRex only offers you one option — search. That’s it. So, if there’s anything you need to look up that doesn’t have images or videos, this is the perfect browser for you!

KidRex is an excellent app for parents since it’s a kid-friendly way to surf the web without exposing them to harmful things. Since there’s no social media access, advertising, or inappropriate websites, then you’ll also be able to browse without interruptions. The interface is simple and easy to understand and use. KidRex is an awesome app that’s utilized based on the needs of your child and does what it promises.

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There are so many great browser options out there that it can be hard to choose, which is why KidRex is really a treat. The idea of making your mobile browser more kid friendly is a good one and hopefully the developers will continue to expand on this app in the future. If you are looking for a browser specifically for kids then this could be the right choice for you.

4. Maxthon Kid-Safe Browser

Maxthon Kid-Safe Browser
Maxthon Kid-Safe Browser

When children use the internet, they’re exposed to so much more than their parents even realize. From unsavory characters, to inappropriate content – there are plenty of potential threats lurking in cyberspace. Maxthon Kid-Safe Browser is a reliable way to protect your child from this peril.

Features: Maxthon’s Kid-Safe Browser is a web browser that allows parents to set up a list of websites their kids can visit and age-appropriate content.

Advantages: With Maxthon Kid-Safe Browser, you no longer need to worry about your kids visiting websites that contain inappropriate content (out of your control). Parents can have some control over the content their children view on the web. The browser allows parents to specify when and how much time their children spend online.

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Benefits: You will have peace of mind knowing your child is safe from dangerous and harmful content found on the internet. Maxthon’s kid-safe browser is a quick, easy, and affordable way to keep young eyes and ears safe while ensuring that they have access to open, educational resources without having to sacrifice the benefits of a modern technological lifestyle.

The Maxthon Kid-Safe browser works by providing a safe browsing experience on the Internet. It provides that environment by allowing the parent to set certain websites as well as complete sites. The browser also offers you the option to hide your search history, cookies and cache. In addition, it will not allow any third party ads to show up on the screen. These features that make this a good option for keeping your kids safe online.

5. KidSplorer Web Browser

KidSplorer Web Browser for Kids with Parental Controls
KidSplorer Web Browser for Kids with Parental Controls

KidSplorer Web Browser lets kids surf the Internet without worry. Parents can set up a profile for each kid and choose which sites to allow.

The browser has many built-in sites for kids, including National Geographic Kids and PBS Kids. Kids can also visit YouTube, but you are shown YouTube videos that are appropriate for kids, so your kids won’t stumble across something they shouldn’t see.

For parents who want to make sure their children are only viewing kid-friendly websites, one of the best options is KidSplorer Web Browser. It is loaded with features that will ensure that kids are browsing only sites that are OK for them.

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The browser includes features such as:

Whitelisting URLs so kids can only visit approved sites, and these can be set individually for each child. Parents can also remove or edit URLs from the whitelist using a password.

Blocking access to the Internet at specified times so kids can’t go online during homework time or when they should be sleeping.

The browser itself is rather basic, but that’s what makes it so good for kids. The interface is very simple with a URL bar, several pre-approved websites, and a list of recent sites that have been visited.

You can also choose from hundreds of more sites for your child to visit, including games, sports, learning, science, geography and more.

Although kids will likely find ways to get around it, KidSplorer Web Browser can help provide some peace of mind for parents with Internet-savvy children. It takes the fear out of allowing your kids to browse the Web at an early age, and gives you the ability to determine which sites they can visit without being scared they’ll stumble upon something you don’t want them to see.

6. Qustodio

Qustodio software for Kids with Parental Controls
Qustodio software for Kids with Parental Controls

Qustodio is a web filtering program that is designed for use by families with children or to protect the computers in your office or business. It allows you to block access to sites, software, and content that are inappropriate for your children.

The product allows you to block unwanted websites or access time limit Internet usage. You can choose to have all the browsing history stored locally on your device of other services such as Qustodio Cloud. Qustodio Browser keeps track of visited websites, search terms and books read through reading lists hubs. This overview makes it easier for parents to control their children’s computer usage at home.

Qustodio provides parents with a complete overview of their child’s online activity. It can monitor a child’s use of websites, apps, instant messaging and social networks, providing detailed reports on activities for review by parents. Qustodio can also implement time limits for mobile devices and computers, as well as remotely block or restrict access to specific applications.

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To use Qustodio, you need a Qustodio account. A Qustodio account is linked to one email address, identified as the Parent Account. The email address and password associated with the Parent Account give access to all the features of Qustodio through our website, mobile applications, and browser extensions.

A Qustodio account can manage multiple devices and users (“Kids”). In order to set up a Kids device or profile, you will need to link it to your Qustodio account by entering the associated email address and password previously set up for your Parent Account. Your Kids devices and profiles will be managed under your Parent Account, which is identified by the email address that links them together.

While Qustodio allows you to monitor your kids by logging their social media accounts and computer activities, as well as view calls and texts, it has been designed with the specific goal of protecting your children online. Qustodio allows you to filter all the websites that are dangerous for your child’s age group and easily block certain apps or chat rooms, giving you the peace of mind that your child is only accessing the content you have deemed appropriate for them. A lot of parents worry about their children’s online safety, and Qustodio is an excellent option for protecting your kids from harmful content.

Some thoughts from Parental Daily

After examining each of these top kid-friendly browsers, it’s clear that limiting children’s access to adult content is a serious issue. You may never be able to watch your child as they browse the net, but you can take every precaution to ensure their safety. We also recommend that you install parental control software like Norton Family Premier on all Windows, iOS, or Android devices in your home. This way, you have complete control over your child’s internet activity.

As the parent of child, you want to protect them from lots of things. This can be bad language, sexual content, violence and anything else that you may deem inappropriate. When it comes to the web, you want to filter out all of these things so that your children only see and experience pleasant and appropriate content. 

Thankfully for you there are parental control filters that limit an internet users ability to interact with adult-themed material online. These are known as Net Nanny and WebSense. 

Many internet service providers offer filters programed by these two companies to their customers free of charge. While they do a good job of filtering out the majority of inappropriate content, they aren’t perfect for every family’s needs, especially if you want something a little more advanced then just blocking your child from entering adult websites or chat rooms. 

That’s why parents are turning to third party browsers made just for kids with parental controls included from the beginning of the browser’s design process.

Child-friendly browsers are designed to block access to age-inappropriate content, social media, and other online distractions. They can also be used to limit the amount of time children spend playing games on a device.

Parental controls are not just a browser feature: they can be found on smartphones and tablets, even in the latest versions of Windows and Mac operating systems. However, web browsers remain the primary portal for internet access. For this reason, an effective child-friendly browser is crucial for parents concerned about their kids’ safety online.

How We Tested

To determine how well each browser blocks adult content, we tried loading websites that were either flagged as inappropriate by Google SafeSearch or were otherwise known to offer adult material (via Alexa rankings). We also attempted to access sites that either provide search services which do not block adult content or allow users to view images from social media sites.

To determine how well each browser blocks adult content, we gathered the top 10 blocking apps and browsers by number of downloads offered in the Google Play Store, then tested those apps on devices that were not configured with any account-based browser preferences, such as “SafeSearch” or “Safe Mode.” We also enabled parental controls if available. We rated each app based on how it performed on a variety of websites that are known to provide adult material, as well as social media sites where users might share age-inappropriate images.

We rated each browser based on whether it was able to block access to the sites we tested. A ‘Yes’ means that attempts to view potentially objectionable content were blocked; a ‘No’ means users might see age-inappropriate content when browsing with this browser.