10 Must-Have Features to Look for in a Smartwatch for Kids

When choosing a smartwatch for your child, it’s essential to consider its safety, functionality, and age-appropriate features

As parents, we understand the significance of finding a suitable device that combines fun and practicality

  Must-Have Features to Look for in a Smartwatch for Kids

At ParentalDaily, our team comprises individuals with children, uncles, and aunts to nieces and nephews.

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 With our combined experiences, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 must-have features to look for in a smartwatch for kids, ensuring you make an informed decision for your little one’s wrist.


Kids are known for energy and active lifestyles, so durability is crucial. It would be best if you always looked for a smartwatch that is built to withstand accidental drops, bumps, and everyday wear and tear. A digital smartwatch with a sturdy design and scratch-resistant materials will ensure it can handle your child’s adventures.

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One of our team members had their child’s smartwatch accidentally dropped multiple times, yet the device remained intact with no visible damage. The robust design and scratch-resistant materials ensured that the watch could withstand the rough and tumble of everyday play, making it a reliable choice for active kids.

GPS Tracking

One of the most essential features of a kids’ smartwatch is GPS tracking. A smartwatch with good GPS tracking capabilities lets you watch your child’s whereabouts and provides peace of mind. Look for a watch that offers accurate real-time location tracking, geofencing capabilities, and notifications when your child enters or leaves designated safe zones.

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My sister shared a heartwarming story of how the GPS tracking feature on her child’s smartwatch helped locate her little one during a crowded event at a Sikh Gurudwara (Sikh temple). Thanks to the real-time location updates, they quickly reunited with their child, alleviating any anxiety and emphasizing the importance of GPS tracking for ensuring their safety.

Two-Way Communication

 Effective communication is essential, especially when your child needs assistance, or you want to check in with them. Choose a smartwatch that enables two-way communication, allowing your child to make calls or send voice messages to predefined contacts. This feature promotes connectivity and ensures your child can contact you whenever needed.

Our HR associate recounted a situation where their child needed immediate assistance at a friend’s house. With the two-way communication feature on their smartwatch, the child could quickly contact their parents, enabling a prompt response and ensuring their well-being promptly.

Emergency SOS Button

An emergency SOS button is a critical safety feature in a kids’ smartwatch. In distress or emergencies, your child can easily activate the SOS function, which will notify you or other designated contacts, providing immediate assistance when required.

 Another team member shared a personal account where their child got lost during a family outing. Thankfully, the child activated the emergency SOS button on their smartwatch, instantly alerting the parents and leading to a quick reunion. The emergency SOS feature proved to be a lifesaver in that particular situation.

App Compatibility

Ensure your smartwatch is compatible with a reliable, user-friendly app. A well-designed companion app will allow you to set up and manage the watch, customize features, track activity, and receive notifications. Look for an alert that offers compatibility with both iOS and Android devices.

Parental Controls

Parental controls are essential for managing and customizing your child’s smartwatch experience. Look for a device that provides robust parental control features, such as setting usage limits, managing contacts, blocking inappropriate content, and controlling access to certain functions. These controls will allow you to tailor the watch to your child’s needs and ensure their safety online.

We always emphasize the importance of parental controls in a child’s smartwatch. We also appreciate the ability to set time limits, manage contacts, and restrict access to certain functions. This ensures the child has a safe and controlled experience using the device.

Activity Tracking

Encouraging an active lifestyle is vital for children, and a smartwatch can help. Choose a watch with activity-tracking features like step counting, distance tracking, and calorie monitoring. This will motivate your child to stay active and provide valuable insights into their fitness levels.

Our content writing head, Parmjit, shared how the activity tracking feature on their child’s smartwatch encouraged their little one to be more active. The child enjoyed reaching daily step goals and engaging in friendly competitions with friends. The activity tracking feature provided insights into their child’s physical fitness and motivated them to maintain an active lifestyle.

Water Resistance

Kids love to explore, and water is often a part of their adventures. Select a water-resistant smartwatch to withstand splashes, spills, and even brief submersion. A water-resistant watch will give you peace of mind and allow your child to enjoy their activities without worrying about damaging the device.

A team member recounted an incident where their child’s smartwatch accidentally came into contact with water. Thanks to the water-resistant feature, the watch remained unaffected and functioned flawlessly. This experience highlighted the importance of choosing a water-resistant smartwatch to withstand the unpredictable adventures of childhood.

Interactive Games and Educational Content

Make learning and playtime fun by opting for a smartwatch with interactive games and educational content. Look for a device that provides age-appropriate games, puzzles, and educational apps. This way, your child can enjoy their smartwatch while engaging in valuable learning experiences.

Gurmeet, a parenting writer at Parentaldaily, also shared how her child’s smartwatch, equipped with interactive games and educational content, became a valuable tool for learning and entertainment. They noticed their child’s enthusiasm for academic challenges and observed improvements in their problem-solving skills through the engaging games offered by the smartwatch.

Battery Life

Last but not least, battery life is essential when selecting a smartwatch for kids. Look for a watch that offers a long-lasting battery, capable of lasting throughout the day with typical usage. 

As parents, we know how frustrating it can be for you and your child if the watch constantly needs recharging or runs out of battery at crucial times.

SIM or LTE Feature

Consider a smartwatch with a SIM card or LTE connectivity. This feature lets your child make calls and send messages directly from their smartwatch without relying on a paired smartphone. It gives them a sense of independence while ensuring they can contact you or designated contacts whenever necessary.


When searching for the best smartwatch for your child, it’s essential to consider its safety, functionality, and age-appropriate features. As parents and individuals with nieces and nephews, we understand the significance of finding a suitable device. 

Remember to prioritize durability, GPS tracking, two-way communication, an emergency SOS button, app compatibility, parental controls, activity tracking, water resistance, interactive games, educational content, battery life, and the option for a SIM or LTE feature.

By carefully considering these must-have features, you can select a smartwatch that provides both entertainment and safety for your child. As parents, we at ParentalDaily hope that our insights and personal experiences will assist you in making an informed decision, giving you peace of mind. At the same time, your child enjoys their new smartwatch.