FamiSafe Review – Parental Control App

FamiSafe app has been designed to help parents protect their children from inappropriate material on the internet. Parents can use this app to monitor and control their child’s internet activity. FamiSafe works for both IOS and Android devices. The FamiSafe Parental Control Features include:

  • Monitoring web activity
  • Controlling Apps & Games
  • Content Filtering
  • Phone Tracking
  • Geo-Fencing

FamiSafe works by creating a password protected profile for each of your children. You can then use the app to monitor their activity while they are online, as well as set time limits on the time they can spend online and block prohibited materials such as pornography. 

FamiSafe Review - Parental Control App

If you have a child who spends an excessive amount of time online, it may be time to install FamiSafe on your family’s devices. FamiSafe is a screen time management app that lets you create weekly schedules for how much time your child can spend on each app, and how many minutes they can use their device in total each day. 

For example, you could set your child to only be allowed to use their phone for one hour after school until dinner, and then two hours after dinner until bedtime.

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There are also more specific settings that allow you to set the amount of time they play games or watch videos, as well as the total amount of time they spend online each day. Besides being able to monitor what your child is doing online, FamiSafe also lets you block certain apps or sites if desired. You can also set different rules for when your child is at home versus when they’re at school or another location.

FamiSafe has several other useful features as well. You can require a passcode before using the device and view location history so you know where your child has been while using their device. You can even use the app to limit how long they can use certain apps while traveling.

The app allows you to block specific websites, or it allows you to create a blacklist of specific words which will be blocked when typed into any website or social media account.

The app also includes a mobile phone tracking function that allows you to locate your child’s phone at any time. 

Finally, the FamiSafe app includes a feature which allows you to set up “Geo-Fences” around certain locations, such as your home, or work place. Once you have created these fences with FamiSafe, the app will send an alert message to your phone.

The Verdict

The app can be set to give you alerts when your child leaves or arrives at a certain area, when they travel beyond a certain speed, and when they use their phone in the middle of the night. You can also read through the text messages that have been sent to and from your child’s phone.

Why do Schools Block everything?

I tested out FamiSafe on my own cell phone to see how it worked and managed to install it without any trouble. I also had my girlfriend install it on her phone at the same time so we could test both sides of the app. The setup process was easy, but there were some features that were not immediately accessible until we bought premium plans for us for $11 per month.

FamiSafe also provides school version to keep students' safe at school.
FamiSafe also provides school version to keep students’ safe at school.

The features that are available for free are still quite useful, though, and definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in monitoring your children with an app instead of paying for a service like SafeTrek. The FamiSafe website has detailed instructions for how to use the features available for free.

The app features live monitoring, allowing you to watch your children’s phones in real-time. The app also has a handy lock function which prevents your children from cheating the system by simply closing the app.

FamiSafe is available for free on both Android and IOS, and is updated frequently with new features and bug fixes. Users report frequent updates that have introduced changes like an easier login process, and more notifications about what their children are up to. The developers also respond quickly to any complaints or suggestions for improvements from customers.

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FamiSafe will positively impact any parent’s relationship with their kids’ digital activities. As a parent, you need to feel like you are able to keep an eye on your child as well as not hover over them in a controlling way. With FamiSafe, you have the ability to protect your child on major social media networks and monitor their online activity while keeping the peace at home. It stays out of sight and runs quietly in the background providing only what you need when you need it.

FamiSafe is definitely one of the apps that you should have on your iPhone. It is easy to use and controls the time for these apps at block time. The best part about this app is, it gives you a little pocket money every month as reward and you can use that pocket money at any time you want. This app will definitely help in providing protection to your kids.

Block Sites and monitor

FamiSafe allows parents to set limits on their child’s time online, block unsafe websites, and monitor the child’s text messages. Parents can also receive reports of their child’s phone or internet usage over a period of time. The reports are broken down by day, week, month, or year—this allows parents to see how much time has been spent online or texting during the school year, summer vacation, Christmas break, etc. These reports can be viewed on the parent’s account when logged in on the FamiSafe website.

FamiSafe is your reliable Screen Time & Location Tracker parental control app with features like kids’ screen time control & location tracking, family link for parents, activity report, website filtering
FamiSafe is your reliable Screen Time & Location Tracker parental control app with features like kids’ screen time control & location tracking, family link for parents, activity report, website filtering

In addition to monitoring usage habits with charts and graphs, FamiSafe also sends out notifications if there is an unusual amount of activity occurring on the child’s phone or tablet. The parent can then log into their account to see what has been going on with their child’s phone or tablet that may have caused this abnormal activity.

Teaching Kids About Internet Safety

It is easy to install and offers an intuitive web interface for managing the settings. More importantly, it allows you to set time limits on computer use and block websites by category, keyword or IP address.

The application logs all websites visited by your children and allows you to view the visit records of any computer in the network. It also has a feature that lets you create whitelists and blacklists for specific websites; blocks Facebook, Twitter, youtube, whatsapp and monitors chat conversations by recording all text typed into chat boxes. You can even capture screenshots at user-defined intervals, which can be useful if you want to keep a record of everything that appears on your child’s screen.

With Famisafe installed on your system, you will have peace of mind knowing that your children are safe from online predators and porn sites.

Tips for Limiting Your Child’s Screen Time

The FamiSafe dashboard is easy to navigate, letting you add new devices and manage your account settings. It features a search bar that makes checking up on your kids’ browsing history easy, and an Activity Log that records the sites they visited and what they did on each site. In addition to filtering out harmful content, FamiSafe also filters out inappropriate language.

FamiSafe lets parents control screen time, track real-time location and detect inappropriate content on kids' devices.
FamiSafe lets parents control screen time, track real-time location and detect inappropriate content on kids’ devices.

You can choose to block individual websites or entire categories such as entertainment, games, music or social networking. You can even block the use of specific search engines like Google or Yahoo! Kids can get around a site-block in one of two ways: they can download FamiSafe’s free browser which uses the same parental controls, or they can just access a site through an anonymizer like Anonymouse.org. There are also other anonymizers out there that will allow them to access blocked sites without having to download anything.

Ways to Keep Kids Safe from Cyberbullying

FamiSafe allows you to set up different rules for different children, so you can customize their experience based on their age and needs. You can monitor emails and text messages for keywords and block certain contacts, monitor location tracking and see which apps have been installed or deleted from a device. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate and the company has a good FAQ page with additional information about all the features offered.

FamiSafe received praise from almost all of its users for being easy to install and easy to use.

Screen Time Control

It’s very important for parents to monitor what their children are looking at on the web, and it’s equally important for them to be able to set limits on screen time. FamiSafe lets you do both of those things, and it even allows you to schedule daily or weekly app usage.

FamiSafe is simple enough that most kids won’t even realize they’re being monitored. You’ll be able to see which apps your child has installed, how much time they’ve spent in each app, and which websites they’ve visited. It can block pornographic content, so your child won’t be able to access it—even if they think they’re visiting a legitimate site that doesn’t contain pornography.

FamiSafe lets parents get automatic alerts when inappropriate content is detected on teens' devices.
FamiSafe lets parents get automatic alerts when inappropriate content is detected on teens’ devices.

If you want them to have access to their apps but not just all day long, you can set limits on their usage. If you want them to have less screen time during the week than over the weekend, you can do that too. FamiSafe helps you make sure your children aren’t spending too much time online when they should be doing homework or other activities that are actually productive.

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The app overview shows you the percentage of time spent online, which devices were used and at what times, as well as the daily average. You can set a schedule for daily or weekly usage that is specific to each child, and if you’d like, you can customize which devices they’re allowed to use when. If a child tries to access a device outside of their scheduled time, a notification will pop up on your phone (you can turn this off if you like).

The scheduler is great because it even lets you see which websites your kids are visiting, so if they’re spending too much time on social media sites or games, you can adjust the schedule accordingly. For example, you might want them to spend less than 2 hours online per day or stick to educational sites only. You also have control over how much screen time is allowed in total during the week or daily.

Tracking App: Location Tracker & GPS Phone Tracker

FamiSafe is an innovative tracking app that allows people to keep track of their loved ones. This app can be used for tracking kids, friends, family members or even pets. It is a very useful tool for parents who want to ensure the safety of their children. Using this app, parents can track their kids’ locations in real time to know where they are at any given time. They can also use it to track the locations of friends and family members on a timeline.

In addition to monitoring the current location of your child, FamiSafe allows you to create a safe zone for your child, which is a geofence-like area on a map where your child is allowed to be during certain hours of the day. 

Phone Activity Report - Remotely track phone activities like YouTube TikTok etc
Phone Activity Report – Remotely track phone activities like YouTube TikTok etc

If your child leaves that area, the FamiSafe app will send you an alert and let you know where they are at the moment. The app also includes a friend finder feature so that if you’re with friends or family and want to share locations, everyone can do so. You can also search for friends in the app or on social media. 

The last feature offered by FamiSafe is called “Family Link”, which lets you share calendars with other family members as well as track one another’s location.

FamiSafe’s GPS tracker app offers many safety features so parents can keep track of their children’s whereabouts. With the ability to create custom zones and get alerts when those zones are breached, this app can help parents keep their kids safe at home and out in public. It provides useful information like the location history of a child and also lets parents create “family links”.

The user can create safe zones in either the form of a circle or radius that they can adjust according to their needs. After creating the safe zone, FamiSafe will then notify the user when their family members break the safe zone by sending an email, text or push notification through the app. This tracking feature helps concerned parents and adults keep tabs on kids who may venture into unsafe areas, such as unfamiliar neighborhoods or areas with high crime rates.

Calls are another major component of FamiSafe’s functionality, enabling a user to call someone else who has the FamiSafe app installed on their phone. If two people in the same family have FamiSafe, they can place each other into a group called “Fam”. In this group, all calls within this Fam group are free. This gives families a way to stay in touch in a less expensive way than making calls from their cell phone carrier. Users can also share certain information with their entire Fam group such as where they are or send an emergency message if they need help fast.

App/Game blocker & Usage

FamiSafe allows you to send alerts when your children try to open blocked apps or games. You can set rules that will send alerts if the blocked apps or games are opened at all, if they’re opened after a certain time at night, or even if they’re opened continuously for more than 10 minutes. This gives you peace of mind knowing that if your child tries to sneak in some screen time when you’re not around, you’ll be immediately notified so that you can step in before it gets out of hand.

It blocks or restricts access to specific apps and games. You can block any app you don’t want your kids to have, including dating sites, social media, news, music and much more. You can also restrict certain times of the day that certain apps are allowed to be used. In addition, FamiSafe sends you instant alerts when your children try to open the blocked or restricted apps or games. If your child tries to access the internet on YouTube Kids, YouTube or Netflix (for example), FamiSafe will send you a notification about it. This allows you to take immediate action if needed.

Suspicious Text Detection

FamiSafe is a free app that detects inappropriate content in your search history, received or sent texts, and on social media. The app is useful for parents who are worried their kids are viewing naughty content online. It’s also a useful tool to help prevent cyberstalking and cyberbullying by those who have been released from prison, or are otherwise unstable. FamiSafe can even be used to identify risky keywords or phrases that can lead to other serious problems including drug use or sex trafficking.

In addition to detecting these terms, FamiSafe lets you know when searches or texts match a list of words that concern you. For example, if you’re worried about drug use, you can set this app to detect the keyword “drugs.” You’ll then receive a notification each time your child uses the words “pot,” “crack,” “joint,” etc., in a search engine, sent text message, or on social media. You can also set up the app to detect certain phrases such as “I’m going to run away from home” or “I want to commit suicide.”

The program is easy to install—once it’s in place on the phone you want to monitor, the Famisafe website gives you the option of setting up a new account or adding the phone to an existing one. The interface is clean and simple, and allows parents to add specific keywords for monitoring. For example, if you want your child’s phone to alert you every time they type “sex,” “violence,” or “drugs,” you can add those terms to your list and Famisafe will scan their texts, social media posts, and search history for them. It works on several popular apps including WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

The app is easy to use and makes it possible for you to keep an eye on your child’s activities online and in person.

All in all, the highly customizable and low-priced FamiSafe app is one of the best parental control apps out there. It is worth spending some time on, to figure out its complicated features and learn about its brilliant organizational design. It may not be suitable for everyone, but if you are looking for a best parental control app – FamiSafe could definitely be one of the top choices!