Disney Plus Parental Controls: Protecting Your Child’s Viewing Experience

Discover the power of Disney Plus Parental Controls! Safeguard your child’s viewing experience with age-specific content restrictions, viewing time limits, and content filtering. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that Disney Plus Parental Controls provide a safe and family-friendly environment for your little ones.

With the increasing popularity and usage of streaming platforms and services, Disney Plus has become one of families’ most subscribed and favorites worldwide, with 161.8 million subscribers. The subscriber number indicates that both adults and children love Disney shows and Movies.

Disney Plus Parental Controls  block inappropriate content for kids

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This on-demand digital streaming platform offers an expansive collection of movies, TV shows, and original content, catering to viewers of all ages. Disney Plus has a comprehensive collection of original content, from thriller shows to cartoon movies to science fiction and wildlife documentaries.

As a parent, ensuring a safe and child-appropriate viewing experience is very crucial and should be a big concern for you. 

The article below aims to provide parents or caretakers with an in-depth understanding of Disney Plus parental controls and how they can help you safeguard your child’s entertainment choices.

Understanding Disney Plus Parental Controls

We went through the Disney parental control settings and want to tell you that Disney Plus offers a comprehensive set of parental control features specifically designed for parents and guardians to give them complete control over what their child can access while streaming shows on the Disney Plus app on iPhone/Android or Website.

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These parental control features allow parents to customise child account settings based on age, restrict content, manage screen time, and filter out inappropriate shows or movies. You can also use parental control apps on your iPhone or android or can also use kid friendly browsers to manage your children habits.

 Parents and guardians can utilize these controls to create a safe and enjoyable environment for their child’s entertainment without worrying about the inappropriate content on their child’s screen.

Setting Up Disney Plus Parental Controls

Enabling parental controls on the Disney Plus app or Website is straightforward. You don’t need to be a technical guru to enable parental controls on your Disney Plus account.

 Follow the below step-by-step guide to help you get started:

Create a Separate Child Profile on Disney Plus

Create a dedicated profile for your child. This ensures that the content recommendations and settings are age-appropriate.

  1. Log in to your Disney Plus account.
  2. On the profile screen, choose “Add Profile. ” 

    Add a kid’s profile Disney Plus
  3. Enter the account name and Turn on the “Kid’s profile” option under the profile name.

    creating the profile for kids disney Plus

PIN Protection

 You can Protect your child’s profile and parental control settings on Disney Plus with a unique PIN. This ensures that only authorized users can make changes or access restricted content. 

  1. On the profile page, select “Edit Profiles.” 

    Edit Profiles to set pin
  2. Scroll down to Parental Controls and choose Profile PIN. 

    click Profile PIN
  3. Turn on “Profile Pin” and Set a 4-digit PIN so that kids cannot access the Profile without your permission.

    Set a 4-digit PIN disney plus

Customize Content Restrictions – Set a maturity level on Disney Plus profiles.

Disney Plus also provides different content ratings and age restrictions, allowing parents to fully control and choose what suits their child’s age group and what content recommendations to show in their child’s Profile. 

You can adjust the settings to filter out content that may not be appropriate.

  1. Select “Edit Profiles” on the top right corner of the profile screen.
  2.  Click or tap on the Profile you’d like to set a maturity level.
  3. Scroll down and choose “Content rating” under “Parental Controls. “
  4. Now select the age of your child from the options and click save.

Adjust Viewing Time Limits

Disney Plus allows parents to set viewing or screen time limits to manage their child’s screen time effectively; we recommend parents use screen time limits and strict rules for teenagers to stop the overuse of gadgets. You can establish specific periods or allocate a daily viewing duration.

Manage Content Filters

Use content filtering options to block particular shows or movies you deem unsuitable for your child. This helps you tailor their viewing experience to align with your family’s values and preferences.

Monitor Viewing History

Review their history and recently watched content to stay informed about your child’s entertainment choices. This allows you to discuss what they are watching and address any concerns or questions.

Restrict Access to Specific Devices

Disney Plus allows you to limit access to specific devices and block the service, such as smartphones or tablets. Disney Plus restriction feature ensures parents that their child can only view content on approved devices, preventing unauthorized access to inappropriate content.

Here are a Few Tips we want to share with parents for optimizing parental controls on Disney Plus:

  1. As a parent or guardian, you must regularly go through parental control settings on the Disney Plus app as your child grows and their viewing habits change.
  2. Parents should begin honest conversations with their children about their content choices to learn about their interests. Encourage your children to ask questions and share any concerns with you.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

While Disney Plus parental controls are generally reliable and work well most of the time, parents may encounter occasional issues like incorrect usernames or forgotten pins. 

Below are some common problems and their solutions:

  1. Forgotten PINs and Account Recovery: Parents can always use Disney Plus account recovery options to reset and regain access to parental control settings if they forget their PIN.
  2. Technical Glitches and Bugs: We experienced glitches with our parental control settings, but the issue was solved after contacting Disney Plus customer support. Parents can contact Disney Plus customer support for assistance if they experience technical problems with parental controls.
  3. Unintended Access to Blocked Content: If your child encounters blocked content unintentionally, double-check your settings and ensure they are correctly configured. Adjust as necessary to prevent further access.


In an increasingly digital world where people love streaming services, Disney Plus parental controls help parents ensure that their children’s viewing experience is safe and age-appropriate without inappropriate content. 

These features allow you to customize content restrictions, manage viewing time, and filter out inappropriate shows or movies. 

With Disney Plus parental controls, parents and caretakers can quickly create a secure and enjoyable environment for their child’s entertainment journey.