The 5 Best Toys for 6 Year Olds

The best toys for six-year-olds are those that encourage creativity and educate kids to think for themselves. One of the play’s most important characteristics is that it allows kids to unplug from the gadgets and electronics they spend so much time on.

It enables kids to use their imaginations and find solutions without the frenzied stimulation of video games or TV. Toys for kids under six should be entertaining enough to keep them interested but not so stimulating that they can only focus on one activity for short periods.

Several well-known toy manufacturers offer toys with bells and whistles made explicitly for older children. These toys are excellent in moderation but can quickly overwhelm kids whose imaginations are only starting to develop self-control.

As a result, it’s essential to provide your child with a variety of basic toys that are always amusing and allow him to utilize their imagination freely.

Children under the age of six are unique.

They’re in a stage where they still get thrilled about toys but aren’t yet jaded by what they see in movies and on TV. Preschoolers’ superhero toys have been replaced with more realistic playthings, including dolls and plush animals.

They still value their childhood playthings even though they may be growing out of the “toys are fun” stage and beginning to learn that adult toys like video games and computers may be just as entertaining.

A toy knight set or dragon figurine would be appropriate if he likes dragons and knights. A toy truck or basketball set can be ideal if the child enjoys physical activity. A karaoke machine is perfect if the kid has a passion for music.

Toys that encourage the development of skills and imagination are always ideal presents because children can learn in new ways at any age. The best thing about giving children toys is that they don’t necessarily have to know what they want; almost any object can encourage creativity and introduce them to new interests.

What to Look for in Toys for 6-Year-Olds?

Age RangeToys should be appropriate for the child’s age and development level. For 6-year-olds, look for toys that are designed for ages 6-8 or 6-12.
SafetyToys should be safe and durable. Look for toys that have passed safety standards and are made of non-toxic materials. Avoid toys with small parts that can be choking hazards.
EducationalToys should provide educational value that fosters creativity, learning, and skill-building. Look for toys that promote STEM skills, language, art, and social skills.
PlayabilityToys should be fun and engaging, encouraging imaginative play and interaction with others. Look for toys that are easy to use and inspire kids to be active and creative.
DurabilityToys should be made to last and withstand rough play. Look for toys that are sturdy and well-made with quality materials.
InteractivityToys should encourage interaction with others, either through cooperative play or competition. Look for toys that can be played with solo or with others.
GenderToys should not be gender-specific, and both boys and girls should enjoy playing with them. Avoid toys that reinforce harmful gender stereotypes.
PriceToys should be reasonably priced and offer value for money. Avoid toys that are overly expensive or of poor quality.

How We select and test Toys for 6-Year-Olds?

ResearchWe research the latest toy trends, safety guidelines, and educational value for 6-year-olds. We consult with child development experts and toy industry professionals.
SelectionWe carefully select toys based on our research and criteria, including safety, educational value, playability, durability, interactivity, gender neutrality, and price.
TestingWe test the toys with a group of 6-year-olds in a supervised environment. We observe their reactions, engagement, and learning outcomes. We also consider their feedback.
EvaluationWe evaluate the toys based on our testing results, comparing them with our criteria and industry standards. We provide a comprehensive review of each toy, including pros and cons.
RecommendationWe recommend the best toys for 6-year-olds based on our evaluation and testing. We provide honest and unbiased reviews to help parents make informed decisions about toys.

Below are the 5 Best Toys for 6 Year Olds right now

Toy NamePriceAges/GradesWhy We RecommendFeaturesProsCons
Illuminated Apparel Glow Sketch Interactive Pillowcase$256 yearsEncourages creativity and imaginationGlow-in-the-dark pillowcase, can be drawn on with dry-erase markers, machine washableEasy to clean, stimulates creativityLimited use due to its singular function
Marom Building Toy – Engineering Building Kit$326-10 yearsPromotes STEM education and enhances engineering and math skillsSelf-construction with bricks, encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skillsEncourages teamwork and promotes STEM learningPieces can be small
Click N’ Play Toy Puppy for Kids$19.996 yearsTeaches kids the value of kindness and taking care of petsPlush dog, food bowl, rubber bone, and collar, comes with a leashEncourages empathy and nurturing skillsStuffed animal may not be very interactive
Power Your Fun Robo Pets Unicorn Toy$356 yearsInteractive toy that encourages imaginative playRemote-control robot unicorn, moves, makes sounds, and performs tricksEngages kids with fun, interactive featuresRequires batteries, may not be durable
Disney Mad Tea Party Game$156 yearsEncourages social interaction and cooperationFun and original game, based on the classic tea party game from Alice in WonderlandPromotes social skills and cooperationMay require adult supervision, may not be suitable for children who don’t know how to play games
LEGO Friends Forest House Building Kit$506-12 yearsPromotes creativity and problem-solving skillsBuildable forest house, comes with 225 pieces and three mini-figuresEnhances spatial reasoning and creativity, promotes teamworkMay be challenging for younger children, pieces can be small

1. Illuminated Apparel Glow Sketch Interactive Glow in The Dark Pillowcase 

Illuminated Apparel Glow Sketch Interactive Glow in The Dark Pillowcase 

The glowing Doodle Pillowcase—now that’s something. This fun toy is one of the most fantastic gifts for six-year-olds yet. It’s a pillowcase that glows in the dark, and kids can draw on it with regular old dry-erase markers to create whatever kind of art their hearts desire.

No matter what they draw, its glow will last for up to 5 minutes before magically fading away (which is enough time to get some sleep). When the sun comes up again, you’ll be able to see their creations all over again!

This is an excellent toy for kids who love colorful drawings or who like to stay up late and play around with artwork. It can also be used as a decorative piece on a child’s bed—or try it out in your room to add a playful glow to your décor. With this delightful product, you’ll never have trouble getting the kids to bed again!


  • For children aged three and over
  • You get one pillow case in this pack.
  • The pillowcase is made from 100% cotton.
  • This pillowcase can be machine washed at 30 degrees.
  • Get creative and draw on the pillowcase with a UV pen.
  • When you’ve finished creating your masterpiece, hold it up to the light to make it magically glow in the dark.
  • Your glow designs will last up to 5 minutes before magically fading.
  • This is an entertaining toy that helps kids express their creativity.

Price at time of publication: $25

2. Marom Building Toy – Engineering Building Kit Toys for 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 yr Old 

Marom Building Toy - Engineering Building Kit Toys

Marom Building Toy is an excellent gift for boys/girls aged 6- 10 years. It is a STEM education toy for self-construction for bricks 6-10. This building Engineering kit enhances your children’s engineering and math skills. Children will feel proud of themselves, encouraging them to move on to their next project.

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This toy is designed for children who like to build things and develop the mechanical skills they will need later in life.

For children who enjoy building, Marom Building Blocks are a novel type of toy. One hundred fifty parts can be constructed into five basic models: plane, helicopter, racing car, bulldozer, and motorcycle. It is intended for children aged six and up.

Your child will learn while playing, and you’ll get a step-by-step instruction manual!

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Marom is a unique toy created with STEAM in mind. The Marom building blocks allow kids to express their creativity and imagination; each piece has been thoughtfully designed to promote construction using STEM principles. While having fun, your youngster will learn about physics, engineering, and architecture!

A vibrant, imaginative toy that encourages young builders to play in a fun, interactive way for children aged six and up!


  • Stem kits enable children to create their own toys.
  • This kit is designed especially for boys age 6-12 years, with your guide they can easily build their models.
  • You only need to use small parts and simple tools.
  • The 5-in-1 building set for kids contains 150 pieces to build an airplane, helicopter, racing car, bulldozer, and motorcycle.
  • The kit contains a step-by-step instruction guide to help kids build five models.
  • The kid’s construction toy includes motors and wheels, so the child can turn these models into a unique remote control vehicle that can move forward, backward, right, and left.

3. Click N’ Play Toy Puppy for Kids

Click N' Play Toy Puppy for Kids

For those looking for a toy dog for their 6-year-old, Click N’ Play has all you need. They have a wide variety of dogs, from purebreds to mixed breeds and everything in between. A small dog is included in this set, practically making it impossible not to play with it. 

The toy’s cuddly feel and inclusion of various accessories, such as a collar and leash, provide kids with lots of opportunities to develop their pretend-to-play abilities. As an illustration, they will enjoy training the puppy for hours using orders and praise. They’ll take the puppy on walks and treat-feed him as they play with him.

This set of toys includes a plush dog, food bowl, rubber bone, and collar. With the help of this set, kids may discover the value of treating animals with kindness. With the provided leash, kids may let their dog run around after pretending to feed it. Kids may have fun playing out what owning a dog is like while staying active! 

This is just one of the many Click N’ Play toy dogs that can entertain your kid for hours.


  • One of the most fantastic dog toys for kids is the puppy toy set from Click N’ Play since it is adorable and interactive.
  • Your child’s growth can benefit from playing with the dog toy from Click N’ Play by developing their social skills, boosting their confidence, and encouraging imaginative play.
  • Because it is soft to the touch and effortless to clean, it is the ideal complement to any playroom or nursery.
  • The children can enjoy acting like parents while caring for their toy pets.
  • It also includes a toy leash, collar, dog bowl, and dog treats to enhance its realistic appearance further.
  • Because it comes with small parts, a child who is three years old or older might like this.
  • Compared to comparable products on the market, this one has a cuter design and seems more like a real puppy.

4. Power Your Fun Robo Pets Unicorn Toy for Girls and Boys

Power Your Fun Robo Pets Unicorn Toy for Girls and Boys

The Robot Pets unicorn toy is a cute remote-control robot that does various entertaining things, such as neigh, sit, prance, dance to the music, perform tricks, move around the room, and more.

This gift option’s interaction is one of its best features. The unicorn toy, for instance, may move to the beat of the music. It includes a head attachment with a flashing trumpet (and other attachments are available for purchase). Depending on the atmosphere you create, the head attachment will flash in various colors. The unicorn toy can also walk and dance to your movements; it will imitate your actions when you dance or make hand motions.

This is also a humorous toy because it frequently does small tricks on its own during the day. If you stroke its ears, it will neigh like a horse! In addition to giving youngsters hours of entertainment, this interactive toy is fantastic for developing their motor skills and inventiveness.

It has the fundamental features that most robotic toys designed for adults have, enabling children to control it with easy hand gestures or watch it move independently in any direction.

It serves as a pet and teaches some fundamental programming concepts. The toy comes with a collection of program treats instructing it to do various things, such as moving forward, moving backward, spinning around, or even lighting up. With these rewards, kids can combine numerous moves into a single sequence, and the robot unicorn will remember what action comes next.

Kids can keep adding to that sequence until they run out of program treats (or until they run out of patience), and then they can start over again. It’s another excellent way for six-year-olds to learn about robotics and programming!

The Robot Pets unicorn toy is intended for children ages three and older, but we primarily suggest it for older kids who have some experience with remote-control toys.


  • Simple control by hand motions
  • Navigate a room on its own
  • Learn basic programming skills
  • Feed your robot unicorn toy with various program treats
  • This unicorn toy will teach your kids coding and programming skills, too.
  • It’s a great way to gently introduce your kids to robotics and programmable toys.
  • Play with the kid’s imagination
  • Make learning fun and easy
  • Robot pets are the most advanced toys for 6 year olds

Price at time of publication: $35

5. Disney Mad Tea Party Game

Disney Mad Tea Party Game

We have a game that will please you if you’re seeking a fun and original one to play this Christmas season!
A delightful variation of the traditional tea party game is the Disney Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Game.

Playing cards that instruct you to move your teacup or move the teacups of other players is done by each player in turn.

Although the game’s object is to discard all your cards first, everyone is having so much fun that they don’t want it to finish!

Even younger children will enjoy it because the cards are simple enough to understand; nonetheless, it is best for families with children ages six and up.

You can experience a small portion of their outrageous activities through this game without looking after a real tea party visitor!

Play a card, follow its instructions, and be the first player out of cards to win in the Disney Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Game for 2–10 players.

It plays nicely from 2 players up to 10 and is pleasant with various players (2–10).

It can be played by children, adults, or even older children playing with more minor children. If you have other decks at home, it’s fantastic for playing by yourself with only one deck. You can play up to 10 players if you have more than one deck by adding additional decks. This game is great for any gathering of kids or adults because there are many different ways to play and enjoy it.

Price at time of publication: $15

6. LEGO Friends Forest House Building Kit

LEGO Friends Forest House Building Kit

While looking for the ideal toy for your child, you want to ensure that it is exciting and not overly complicated so your youngster cannot fully comprehend what is happening. Children can play with LEGO Friends Mia and her family in a world of serene woodland living and wildlife in LEGO Friends Forest House, which is a fantastic option.

The Forest toy has a raccoon figure, two mini-dolls, and a LEGO Friends Ava micro-doll. To expand the play, it also includes a second kayaking scene. With this set, kids can let their imaginations run wild as they make up their own stories.

Your daughter will spend hours playing out her version of what it would be like for Mia and her parents to go camping in the woods with various accessories, including an outdoor lounge with an umbrella, a bathroom, a bedroom, and a kitchenette.


  • The set includes two mini-doll figures, a LEGO Friends Ava micro-doll, and a raccoon figure.
  • This LEGO Friends house-building kit is suitable for ages 6+ and will make an excellent gift for kids who love wildlife adventures, nature activities, and peaceful daytime play.
  • Recreate an idyllic forest world with the Forest House featuring a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and a separate kayaking scene to extend the play possibilities and create your adventure with LEGO Friends Mia and her family.
  • Creative Lego playset for boys and girls aged 6+ and for fans of nature, wildlife, and kids of all ages.
  • The raccoon toy cabin has a porch with a swing, flowers, and a buildable tree with a climbing net.

Price at time of publication: $50