The Best Smartwatch for Kids and Teens – Parents Survey

As technology continues to evolve in this modern age, we, as tech reviewers and also as parents, see that smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular among children and teens. These smartwatches accurately tell time and provide various features such as GPS tracking, phone calls, messaging, and fitness tracking.

Watch NameScreen SizeSpecial FeatureCompatible DevicesWaterproofAge RecommendationPrice
Fitbit Ace 31.47 inchesTracks activity, sleep, and heart rateiOS, AndroidYes6 and up$79.95
Apple Watch SE1.78 inchesSiri voice commands and Apple PayiPhone 6s or laterYes10 and up$279.00+
TickTalk 41.41 inchesTwo-way calling, messaging, and location trackingiOS, AndroidYes5 and up$199.99
Garmin Vivofit Jr. 3N/ATracks activity, sleep, and stepsiOS, AndroidYes4 to 12$79.99
VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX21.4 inchesDual cameras for photos and videosiOS, AndroidYes4 to 12$59.99

 Smartwatches developed by companies for kids are designed to provide various features to help kids or teenagers stay connected, active, and engaged. But for parents, so many options are available in the market, making it challenging for parents to decide which smartwatch to buy for their child. 

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 L. Little, C. Briggs, and A. Coventry, in their research paper, Smartwatches: Opportunities and Risks, examine the opportunities and risks of smartwatch use by children. 

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Parents who are incoherent about the positives or negatives of smartwatches on their kids and teens must go through this research paper, Smartwatch Ownership in Children, published by A. L. Brown, J. A. Barros, and E. K. Erickson. The authors dig deep into their research and share the benefits and risks of owning smartwatches. 

The Best Smartwatch for Kids and Teens - Parents Survey

The analysis highly emphasizes the effect of essential factors like improved communication, enhanced physical activity, and increased safety on children’s behavior.

From what we have read through this published paper, we understand that the authors argue that smartwatches can benefit children if used appropriately. They don’t specifically reach a consensus on whether apple watch has any adverse or positive effects on children’s development, but they call for more research into its long-term effects.

Like a family setup on a smartwatch, parents can use the parental control app  to control and monitor kid’s devices.

We acknowledge that safety is a top concern for parents regarding smartwatches for kids, and ignoring kids’ privacy is not recommended. The safest smartwatches for kids are designed with security and privacy in mind. Smartwatches that offer GPS tracking, two-way calling, and messaging capabilities can help parents keep tabs on their child’s whereabouts and stay in touch with them.

When choosing the best smartwatch for your 10-year-old, several options exist. A smartwatch for 10-year-olds with GPS can be an excellent choice for parents who want to monitor their child’s location. Smartwatches for kids with calling and messaging capabilities can provide parents peace of mind and allow children to stay connected with family and friends.

Some of the top smartwatch brands for kids include Apple, Garmin, Fitbit, LeapFrog, TickTalk, and Vtech. There are also smartwatches explicitly designed for girls, offering a range of features like customized watch faces and games that appeal to their interests.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best smartwatches for kids available on the market. Whether you’re looking for a smartwatch for a 5-year-old or a 12-year-old, we’ve got you covered with our top picks.

How We Test?

You would be delighted to hear that my team and I conducted a thorough testing process for these smartwatches. Testing with actual users, such as our niece, nephew, and team members’ children, provided valuable insights into the smartwatches’ ease of use and practicality for kids and teens.

Evaluating factors such as battery life, safety, features, pricing, and fitness and sleep tracking can help parents make informed decisions when selecting a smartwatch for their child. It’s important to conduct testing and research before purchasing to ensure that the smartwatch meets the needs and preferences of both the parent and the child.

Key takeaways

For 8-year-olds, the Garmin Vivofit Jr. 3 and the VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2 are good options with fun features and parental controls.

For 10-year-olds, the Fitbit Ace 3, Apple Watch SE, and TickTalk 4 are great options with advanced features like fitness tracking, two-way calling, and messaging.

For 12-year-olds, the Apple Watch SE and TickTalk 4 are recommended with more advanced features and compatibility with iPhones.

For 14-year-olds and teens, the Apple Watch SE and TickTalk 4 are still great options, with the Apple Watch SE being a high-end choice.

Smartwatches with GPS, like the TickTalk 4, are great for parents who want to track kids location for safety reasons.

Waterproof smartwatches, like the Fitbit Ace 3 and Garmin Vivofit Jr. 3, are ideal for kids who love to swim or play in the water.

Smartwatches can also be used for educational purposes, such as teaching kids about time management and setting goals.

Below are the 5 best Smartwatches for Kids and Teens right now – Well Research and Parents Survey

  1. Best for Fitness Tracking: Fitbit Ace 3
  2. Best High-End Option: Apple Watch SE
  3. Best for Two-Way Calling and Messaging: TickTalk 4
  4. Best for Education and Entertainment: LeapFrog LeapBand
  5. Best for Health Monitoring: Garmin Vivofit Jr. 3
  6. Best for Photo and Video: VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

1. Fitbit Ace 3

Screen Size1.47-inch grayscale OLED display
Special FeatureTracks steps, active minutes, and sleep; 10-day battery life
Compatible DevicesiOS and Android
WaterproofWater-resistant up to 50 meters
Age Recommendation6+ years
Fitbit Ace 3

Why We Recommend It: We like its battery, fitness, and swimming capabilities. According to our review, which we have gathered by talking to parents and our team members’ children, Ace 3 is an excellent option for kids who are interested in fitness tracking, like swimming, running, and trekking. Some features we have tested in our local town include step counting, sleep tracking, and even guided breathing exercises. 

The silicon bands are soft and comfortable for kids’ wrists. Bedtime reminders, silent alarms, and sleep tracking put this smartwatch at the top of our list. 

Features: Ace 3 comes with a customizable clock face which my nephew instantly changed after I handed him the watch. I showed him how he can choose from a range of fun colors. Since it is a smartwatch targeted toward kids and teenagers, parental control features are the default in this case. Parents can monitor their child’s activity and set up reminders for them.  

Age Recommendation: 6-12 years old.


  • Fitness tracking features
  • Customizable clock face
  • parental controls
  • water resistant to 50 meters


2 Apple Watch SE

Screen Size40mm or 44mm Retina LTPO OLED display
Special FeatureAdvanced health monitoring, Siri voice commands, Apple Pay
Compatible DevicesiPhone 6s or later running iOS 14 or later
WaterproofWater-resistant up to 50 meters
Age Recommendation12+ years
Apple Watch SE

This is also the best smartwatch for kids with gps. Apple is known for its excellent tracking capabilities.

Why We Recommend It: According to our testing and parent surveys, We regard Apple Watch SE as a high-end option. We recommend Apple Watch SE for older children who want an All-in-one smartwatch that can do it all. From LTE phone calls and messaging to fitness, and family tracking, this smartwatch from Apple is a must-have.

We have also covered about the best apple watch for teens and kids.

We love its family setup, Schooltime, and Classroom Mode features. Apple Watch SE is truly an excellent watch that kids can use for education, calling, messaging, and fitness tracking.

Features: We loved its two-way calling and messaging capabilities. Apple Watch SE includes additional fitness tracking features: a heart rate monitor and workout tracking. It also includes mobile payments with Apple Pay and a customizable watch face.

Age Recommendation: 12+ years old.


  • Phone calling and messaging capabilities
  • fitness tracking features
  • customizable watch face
  • Family Setup


  • Expensive
  • maybe too advanced for younger children

3 TickTalk 4

Screen Size1.4-inch TFT display
Special FeatureTwo-way video calling and messaging, GPS tracking, parental controls
Compatible DevicesiOS and Android
WaterproofWater-resistant but not fully waterproof
Age Recommendation5-12 years

TickTalk 4

Why We Recommend It: In our test and three days of use, we loved its phone calling and messaging capabilities. For parents who are after a watch that offers excellent phone calling and messaging capabilities for their kids, TickTalk 4 is a great choice. From location tracking to fitness tracking and an inbuilt camera, we can’t get enough of this watch at just $199.

It also comes with a free LTE Sim card with monthly pay-as-you-go plans.

Features: One of our most loved features of TickTalk 4
watch is two-way calling. and messaging capabilities, making it easy for parents to stay in touch with their children. Like other smartwahches on this list, it does include a step tracker, fitness challenges, and a dual camera.

Additional features like video calling, voice calling, Wi-Fi calling, Talk-To-Text and preset text responses, voice messages, photos, emojis, and GIFs are great for kids’ entertainment and safety.

It is an excellent gift for both boys and girls as they can stay connected to their family and friends.

Age Recommendation: 5-12 years old.


  • Phone calling and messaging capabilities
  • GPS tracking
  • step tracking and fitness challenges
  • LTE Sim card


  • More expensive than other options

4. Garmin Vivofit Jr. 3

Screen Size0.56-inch color display
Special FeatureTracks steps, sleep, and 60 minutes of daily recommended activity, parental controls
Compatible DevicesiOS and Android
WaterproofWater-resistant up to 50 meters
Age Recommendation4+ years

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 3

Why We Recommend It: According to our review, Garmin Vivofit Jr. 3 is an ideal smartwatch for active children and teenagers. If your kids are involved in their daily lives, this is the most appropriate Health Monitoring smartwatch. We love Vivofit’s range of fitness-tracking features, like step counting, sleep tracking, and even alerts to remind children to stay active.

Another feature we can’t ignore is its durability and waterproof capabilities, making it perfect for active kids.

Features: Garmin Vivofit Jr. 3 features a customizable color screen. Your kid can choose between a range of fun watch faces. Scrolling and choosing between watch faces is easy and interactive. Hold the touchscreen and Select Watch Face from the watch face, as easy as that. Parents or family members can easily track their younger kids or teenagers using its GPS tracking capabilities. 

Another feature is related to your kid’s online safety. Using the parental control settings; guardians can set up their child’s screen time, thus making them more responsible towards daily chores. House rules instill a sense of discipline essential for a child’s upbringing. 

Age Recommendation: 4-9 years old.


  • Durable and waterproof,
  • customizable watch faces
  • GPS tracking, parental controls
  • fitness tracking features.


  • No phone calling or messaging capabilities.

5 VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

Screen Size1.4-inch color touch screen
Special FeatureDual cameras for photos and videos, built-in games and activities, parental controls
Compatible DevicesN/A
WaterproofSplash-proof but not fully waterproof
Age Recommendation4-12 years

VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2

Why We Recommend It: The VTech KidiZoom Smartwatch DX2 is an excellent smartwatch for younger children who like to take photos and videos of themselves. It comes with a 1.4 Inches display and two cameras, one on the front and one on the side; it also includes funny filters for your kid’s entertainment. Motion detection, pedometer and sound effects are also included. 

Features: We like that the VTech KidiZoom smartwatch has a range of educational apps and activities, including a calculator and calendar. It also includes a step tracker and a customizable watch face. It is durable and splashproof. My teammate, Paramjit’s daughter, loves Dual cameras, and she also likes to play cool augmented reality games on this affordable smartwatch, which you can get for just $55.93.

Age Recommendation: 4-9 years old.


  • Two cameras for taking photos and videos
  • customizable watch face
  • Step tracker


  • No phone calling or messaging capabilities.


Smartwatches are a great tool for kids and teens to stay connected with their parents and peers while also providing useful features like fitness tracking, location monitoring, and education. From the Fitbit Ace 3 for fitness tracking to the Apple Watch SE for high-end features, there are many smartwatches available that are perfect for kids and teens of different ages and needs. When choosing a smartwatch for your child, it’s important to consider their age, interests, and safety needs, as well as the features and compatibility of the device. With the right smartwatch, kids and teens can learn, play, and stay connected in a safe and fun way.

Are smartwatches safe for kids to wear?

Yes, smartwatches designed for kids are generally safe to wear, as they are made with durable materials and have safety features like parental controls and location monitoring.

What is the best age for a child to start wearing a smartwatch?

The best age for a child to start wearing a smartwatch depends on their maturity level and needs. Some smartwatches are designed for kids as young as 3 years old, while others are more suitable for older kids and teens.

Can smartwatches for kids make phone calls?

Yes, some smartwatches designed for kids have two-way calling and messaging features, allowing them to make and receive phone calls and messages from approved contacts.

Are there any waterproof smartwatches for kids?

Yes, there are many waterproof smartwatches for kids available, such as the Fitbit Ace 3 and Garmin Vivofit Jr. 3, which are designed to withstand water and are ideal for kids who love to swim or play in the water.

Are smartwatches with GPS tracking safe for kids?

Yes, smartwatches with GPS tracking can be safe for kids, as they allow parents to monitor their child’s location and ensure their safety. However, it’s important to use GPS tracking responsibly and respect your child’s privacy.

What is the best smartwatch brand for kids?

There are many reputable smartwatch brands for kids, such as Fitbit, Apple, Garmin, VTech, and TickTalk. The best brand depends on your child’s needs and preferences.

Can smartwatches for kids help with education?

Yes, smartwatches can be used for educational purposes, such as teaching kids about time management, setting goals, and learning about fitness and health.

Can smartwatches for kids be used without a smartphone?

Some smartwatches for kids can be used without a smartphone, while others require a smartphone for certain features like GPS tracking and messaging.

Can smartwatches for kids help with managing screen time?

Yes, some smartwatches for kids have features that help with managing screen time, such as limiting the amount of time spent on certain apps or activities. This can be a useful tool for parents who want to encourage their child to have a healthy balance of screen time and physical activity.

Are there any privacy concerns with smartwatches for kids?

Yes, there are privacy concerns with smartwatches for kids, particularly those with GPS tracking and messaging features. It’s important for parents to set boundaries and use parental controls to protect their child’s privacy.

How much does a smartwatch for kids cost?

The cost of a smartwatch for kids can vary depending on the brand, features, and age range. Some smartwatches for kids are priced under $50, while others can cost several hundred dollars.

Can smartwatches for kids track fitness activities?

Yes, many smartwatches for kids have fitness tracking features, such as step counting and activity tracking, to encourage kids to stay active and healthy.