Best Self Control Apps – Self Discipline Apps

What are the best self-control apps for improving discipline? Forest, Freedom, and Habitica are top choices, promoting focus through gamification. Be Focused and HabitBull track habits, while Focus@Will and AppBlock limit distractions. Noisli aids concentration with ambient sounds.

Best Self Control Apps - Self Discipline Apps

Sometimes you are out of ideas when writing an article for a magazine or want to procrastinate your work or home chores. Nowadays, the internet is full of so many streaming services and live telecasts with hours and hours of entertaining skits and sports that you need help getting work done.

I generally stay away from TV and streaming services. Still, sometimes, on weekends or whenever I’m with my friends or feeling lazy, I binge-watch sports clips or comedy series, leading to procrastination.

Last weekend I watched The Witcher’s third season in one go and couldn’t finish my work on the set deadlines. The easy way to eradicate laziness from your daily life is self-discipline, focus, and healthy habits.

From distracting social media sites (Facebook, Instagram TikTok, Snapchat) and streaming services (Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Prime) to gaming sessions to increased phone and gadget usage from children, the below-recommended self-discipline and control apps will benefit adults, teens, and children to make a positive daily routine change in their everyday life fostering focus, discipline, and self-control.

Parents can use the below-recommended self-control apps to block distracting apps and websites, force house rules and phone rules, and create tasks and reminders for daily goal tracking. We also recommend parents use screen time limits at home or after school using parental control apps. You can also use dedicated porn blocker apps if you need powerful website blockers.

Below are the 7 best self control apps to achieve your goals

AppFeaturesUses for ParentsRecommended ForSelf-care and Discipline
ForestVirtual tree growth, productivity rewardsLimiting screen timeAll agesPromotes focus and discipline
FreedomWebsite and app blocking, scheduled sessionsMonitoring kids’ screen timeStudents and professionalsBoosts productivity and self-control
HabiticaHabit tracking, gamification elementsEncouraging positive habitsGamers, goal-oriented usersGamifies productivity for improved discipline
Be FocusedPomodoro Technique, task organizationTime management trainingStudents and professionalsEnhances focus and time management skills
HabitBullHabit tracking, remindersMonitoring family habitsIndividuals striving for changeHelps build and maintain positive habits
Focus@WillOptimized music for focusCreating a focused study spaceStudents and remote workersEnhances concentration during work or study
NoisliAmbient sounds for concentrationCalming children before bedtimeAnyone seeking relaxationAids concentration and relaxation through sounds

1. Best Self-Control App to Boost Productivity

Our Pick
FOREST - build up productive habits

FOREST – build up productive habits

The Forest is a top productivity app for adults, teens, or kids, with over 2 million satisfied users on App and Play Store. If you want to socialize more or want your young kids to put down their phones, interact with friends, and do some physical activity, this is the best app for them and you.

  • Customizable timer
  • Ability to earn rewards to unlock new tree species
  • Statistics to track productivity.
  • Play and beat phone addiction and overcome distraction.
  • Block Apps to for self discipline.
  • Track your focused time in the Health App on your iPhone or Samsung health app.
  •  A group planting feature to stay accountable with friends.

Why Do We Recommend It?

Forest helps you stay focused and disciplined by planting a virtual tree that grows when you stay away from your phone. The tree shrinks more day by day if you leave the app to check social media or other distractions. It is a great app to test your self-discipline. 

You can also install this app on your young children or teens and check whether they can maintain self-discipline and stick to phone rules or house rules you have set for them regarding screen time or phone usage.

The visual aspect of growing a forest encourages users to remain productive and mindful.

2. Best App to Block Distractions and Reclaim Focus

Our Pick
Freedom Best App to Block Distractions and Reclaim Focus


From blocking websites and apps to keeping you free from distractions, the Freedom app provides myriad features to automate your blocking session when needed.

  • Website and app blocking
  • Session scheduling and usage statistics
  • Distraction-free mode.
  • Block the internet with a Click.
  • Free soothing audio tracks like animal and nature sounds to help you stay focused and productive.
  • Create recurring blocks of apps and Websites to stay focused.

 Why Do We Recommend It?

Freedom is one of the best website and app-blocking tools for iPhone and Android users. Parvinder singh says, “He has installed this app on his iPhone SE, Galaxy S12, and MacBook Air to block all the notifications and social media apps that are addictive to improve productivity and self-discipline.”

He further adds that the recurring block feature and scheduling blocks ahead of time are excellent blocking features and work well across all devices. It easily blocks distracting websites and apps, allowing you to stay on task and boost productivity. It offers an efficient way to create schedules, set recurring block sessions, and improve focus without interruptions.

3. Best Self Discipline App to Achieve your Goals

Our Pick
Habitica - Track Your Habits and Goals

Habitica Track Your Habits and Goals

Habitica is an excellent app for anyone who wants to achieve their goals and stick to their resolutions. From ADHD patients and self-care to remembering house chores, fitness goals and school homework, Habitica helps children and adults complete their tasks without distraction.

  • Task management and habit tracking
  • Daily challenges and gamification elements
  • Social accountability, and in-game rewards.
  • Follow your overall progress.
  • Automatically Schedule tasks for your daily, Weekly, or monthly routine.

 Why Do We Recommend It?

Habitica is a unique self-discipline app that gamifies productivity by turning your tasks and habits into a role-playing game. You can complete tasks, and maintaining good habits will help you level up your in-game character and unlock rewards, making productivity fun and rewarding.

Gurmeet Sudan, mother of an 8-year-old daughter and parenting writer at Parentaldaily, shares that “Sharing chores with family members and creating tasks and reminders for her daughter’s school work is straightforward with Habitica.”

4. Best Music App to Block Social Distractions and Boredom

Our Pick

Focus@Will – Music for productivity

Focus@Will app uses the power of music and AI technology to make your brain and mood soothing, enhancing focus and concentration. 

  •  Curated music channels
  •  Personalized productivity assessments
  •  Adjustable music intensity, offline mode, and advanced analytics.
  • Thousands of hours of unique tracks
  • Relief from Busy open offices, Noisy or chatty coworkers, Smartphones.

 Why Do We Recommend It?

Focus@Will offers a selection of scientifically optimized music tracks that cater to different personality types and work styles, making it easier to maintain productivity throughout the day.

I have used the Focus app and its music recommendation for eight days. It focuses on clean instruments and re-edits ad cuts any unwanted or distracting element from the music.

The only drawback is that it has no vocals where you can sing lyrics. 

5. Best Self Control App to Create Tasks and Track your Progress

Our Pick
Be Focused - Focus timer for work and study

Be Focused – Focus timer for work and study

Be Focused is a simple and effective time management app that utilizes the Pomodoro Technique. It helps break work into focused intervals and short breaks, improving productivity and preventing burnout.

  • Pomodoro timer.
  • Customizable work and break durations.
  • Task organization, statistics, and iCloud synchronization.
  • Work interval, Short break , and Long break duration.
  • Manage your tasks, Add notes and due dates to tasks.

 Why Do We Recommend It?

Trusted by over 5M users worldwide, Be Focused offers excellent features to create and follow the progress of each task.

You can increase your focus and productivity and complete a large task like school homework or business assignment by using breaks and interval features provided by the app.

When writing a comprehensive article about a product or a service, I prefer using the Be Focused app, as you can split your work into small sessions and intervals. This way, I don’t get agitated, and the small gaps I’ve set before starting writing according to the deadline give me a well-needed break, making my writing more productive, and I can focus on my writing after a well-deserved break.

6. Best Self Control App to Track your Habits and Routines

Our Pick


HabitBull is a comprehensive self-discipline app that lets you track and manage habits, routines, and daily goals. It provides insights into your progress and helps you build positive habits over time.

  • Habit tracking and goal setting
  • Daily reminders, streaks, data backups, and motivational quotes.
  • Track multiple habits and goals daily.

 Why Do We Recommend It?

If you want to organize your daily or work life, you can try HabitBull. I have tested this app for two days on my iPhone SE 3rd generation to clear my mind and stop procrastination. Last weekend I couldn’t do my house chores and was also procrastinating my work (Writing a guide for iPhone Users), which was stressful and taking a toll on me.

I am a techie, so I always check new apps to make my life easier and use family calendar apps to organize my house chores. I also found this HabitBull app which helps you with your daily routines, and you can create and track your goals.

The interface is simple, and it offers the necessary tools and features to keep your daily routines in check to increase productivity and focus.

7. Best Self discipline App For Working and Relaxing

Our Pick
Noisli Best Self discipline App For Working and Relaxing


Noisli is a background noise app that provides soothing ambient sounds to enhance focus, concentration, and relaxation. It helps create an ideal work environment, especially in noisy surroundings.

  • Wide range of ambient sounds
  • Customizable sound combinations
  • Adjustable volume
  • Offline access, and a distraction-free interface.
  • Sleeping timer for a nap.

What does the app “Forest” do?

Forest encourages focus by growing a virtual tree when you stay away from your phone or distractions.

How can “Habitica” help improve discipline?

Habitica gamifies productivity by turning tasks and habits into a role-playing game, making it fun and rewarding.

Which app blocks distracting websites?

“Freedom” effectively blocks distracting websites and apps, boosting productivity and focus.

What is the key feature of “Be Focused”?

“Be Focused” uses the Pomodoro Technique to enhance productivity by breaking work into focused intervals and breaks.

How can “Noisli” aid concentration?

“Noisli” provides soothing ambient sounds to create an ideal work environment, enhancing focus and relaxation.

Why Self-Control and Discipline is Important in life?

Self-control and discipline are the key factors to succeed in your life. According to American Psychological Association , people with greater self-control over their emotions or activities can benefit long-term by inhibiting short-term rewards.

Simply put, I love going to the gym and workout daily to keep my mind and body fit and healthy, which is a long-term goal. But to achieve that, I have to give up fast foods that are very addictive to the brain, a short-term reward. 

So by keeping self-control over my diet, following a daily routine, and being disciplined towards my health, I will achieve my long-term goal- a fit and healthy body.