Start Listening: Best Podcasts for Young Women in Their 20s

As a parenting and lifestyle editor at Parental Daily and having worked with platforms like nyka and Purplle, I have had the privilege of engaging and interacting with a lot of young women in their 20s at my workplace.

I also own a clothing store where I sell Women lifestyle products where I engage with young and passionate women every day. Nowadays, most women in there early and late 20s are passionate about running their business and achieving their goals and I can feel the zeal to accomplish everything in them.

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Though most of them don’t know where to start and learn. From my perspective, they need a mentor, a guide or someone who they can look up to for inspiration – a relatable figure. 

I also recommend you to take a look at Best Podcasts for Women.

One thing I have noticed is the growing interest in podcasts amongst this demographic. 

I always recommend young girls and women to listen to good podcasts where the host shares their practical and personal experiences of their successes and failures. For women, it is essential that they listen and follow other women leaders and businesswomen, who have a legacy and experience to share with young minds.

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Podcasts are an excellent way for young women like myself (I’m 32 BTW) to explore and delve deep into topics of interest, gain insights and learn about new things in everyday life, and listen to personal stories from women around the world – so that you can better understand the world around you.

Moreover, Podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Audible are wonderful platforms where candid and casual conversations on real-life topics take place, and mental health discussions are encouraged.

The hosts speak of the truth and speak from the heart and shares personal anecdotes. Another thing I love about the podcasts is that there’s no need to filter your thoughts as you can speak your mind. Podcast listeners usually get the unfiltered content as the hosts share what they think. 

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As a seasoned professional and entrepreneur, I highly recommend podcasts as an excellent resource for women. 

As someone who also enjoys a good podcast, I understand the value they bring. 

In the below comprehensive article, I will share my top 10 podcasts for young women. These are not just any podcasts, I’ve articulately selected the below podcasts for young women that I believe every young woman should start listening to. 

All fourteen of the podcasts listed below cover a wide range of topics, from pop culture to mental health and fitness. They feature real-life stories from founders and CEOs of leading companies, especially women entrepreneurs, as well as everyday women who have extraordinary tales to share, including moms, sisters, and girlfriends.

So, whether you’re a fan of the witty banter in ‘Girls Gotta Eat’ or the frank discussions in ‘Call Your Girlfriend’, this list has something for everyone. 

Let’s go through the below list and listen to these great podcasts and find out why you’ll want to add them to your listening list.

Podcast NameWhy I RecommendPodcast SubjectsAvailable Platforms
Girls Gotta EatLight-hearted, insightful dating and relationship discussionsDating, Relationships, Everyday LifeMultiple platforms
Call Your GirlfriendMeaningful and thought-provoking pop culture and political discussionsPop Culture, Politics, Personal StoriesMultiple platforms
UnladylikeCandid guidance and inspiration for women navigating womanhoodMental Health, Relationships, CareerMultiple platforms
Therapy for Black GirlsImportant mental health discussions within the black communityMental Health, Well-being, AdviceMultiple platforms
The Influencer PodcastInsights and inspiration for succeeding in the digital worldInfluencer Marketing, Online PresenceMultiple platforms
And She DidReal-life stories of successful women in various fieldsWomen’s Success, Career, Mental HealthMultiple platforms
HHER PodcastCandid conversations about real-life issues affecting young womenMental Health, Self-Care, CareerMultiple platforms
The Michelle Obama PodcastCandid discussions on mental health, life, and moreMental Health, Life Stories, AdviceMultiple platforms
The High LowBlend of high and low-brow pop culture and insightful commentaryPop Culture, Commentary, Personal StoriesMultiple platforms
Black Girl in OmPromoting self-care, self-love, and self-empowerment for communities of colorSelf-Care, Empowerment, WisdomMultiple platforms
The i weigh podcastFocus on body positivity and mental healthBody Positivity, Mental Health, Self-AcceptanceMultiple platforms
Stuff Mom Never Told YouCandid conversations and advice on women’s issuesWomen’s Issues, Everyday Life, Pop CultureMultiple platforms
Unf*ck Your BrainPractical strategies for mental health, personal growth, and self-confidenceMental Health, Personal Growth, Self-ConfidenceMultiple platforms

1. Girls Gotta Eat 

Girls Gotta Eat
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If you are a young woman in her 20s, ‘Girls Gotta Eat’ is a podcast I highly recommend to every young girl in teen years to late 20s. Ashley Hesseltine and Rayna Greenberg, hosts of this podcast, share their real-life stories and experiences about dating, relationships, and everyday life nonchalantly.

 With humorous takes and candid conversations about real-life situations, make it a great podcast for women who appreciate light-hearted, yet insightful discussions. 

2. Unladylike 

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‘Unladylike’ is a podcast I would recommend to women in their 20s who are navigating the complexities of womanhood. The founders and hosts, Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin, share their stories and advice on topics such as mental health, relationships, and career advice. 

Their candid conversations and thoughtful insights make ‘Unladylike’ a great podcast for women looking for guidance and inspiration in their everyday life. 

3. Therapy for Black Girls 

Therapy for Black Girls
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As the Founder and CEO, Dr. Joy Harden Bradford created ‘Therapy for Black Girls’ to address mental health issues within the black community. The podcast focuses on topics that are often stigmatized or ignored, making it an important resource for young women of color. 

I highly recommend this podcast for its candid conversations and valuable mental health resources. 

4. The Influencer Podcast 

The Influencer Podcast
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‘The Influencer Podcast’ is a great podcast for young women interested in the world of influencers and digital marketing. Founder and CEO, Julie Solomon shares her experiences and advice on building an online presence and succeeding in the digital world

This podcast’s focus on personal stories from successful influencers makes it both informative and inspirational. 

5. And She Did

And She Did
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“And She Did” podcast encapsulates the complexities of adulthood by focusing on real-life stories of successful women. The podcast hosts welcomes women as guests who are successful in their life and business ventures. 

By sharing their success stories and setbacks with young minds and women who are still figuring out their personal and professional lives, this podcast is a must listen podcast if you are interested in learning from the personal stories of women who have made it in various fields.

From sharing advice and real-life stories on topics such as mental health, career development, and relationships, to today’s pop culture, “And She Did” podcast provides listeners with insights and motivation from successful women who have made it to the top through their hard-work, dedication and never back down attitude. 

It’s one of the great podcasts for young women to draw inspiration and learn from. From my POV, the reason I highly rate this podcast and recommend it to young women is it provides a platform for young women to learn, grow and navigate their journey to success.

6. HHER Podcast

HHER Podcast
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As a young woman, you should start listening to the HHER Podcast if you haven’t done so already. It’s a great podcast that I highly recommend, especially to women in their 20s. 

This podcast was founded and is hosted by the dynamic duo of Dr. Jeannine Bailey and Dr. Cara Quant, both accomplished professionals in healthcare, where they focus more on real-life issues affecting young women today. 

The podcast offers candid conversations about mental health, everyday life, and important topics such as self-care, career development, and relationships. 

7. The Michelle Obama Podcast

The Michelle Obama Podcast
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 This podcast from the former First Lady of the USA is loaded with candid, nonchalant yet humorous conversations about mental health, everyday life, and more.

 The podcast offers its listeners various practical advice on topics like self-care, career development, and relationships, based on the personal stories and experiences of the hosts. 

This enriching, real-life podcast is a great resource for young women looking to learn, grow, and get inspired.

8. Call Your Girlfriend.

Call Your Girlfriend
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When it comes to short-listing a podcasts for young women, I as a woman myself highly recommend Call Your Girlfriend

Founded and hosted by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, two long-distance best friends, this podcast focuses on pop culture, politics, and the nuances of female friendship. For me, this podcast is my all-time favorite as it touches the various aspects of female friendship and is a must-listen for women in their 20s seeking advice on topics ranging from mental health to everyday life.

9.  i weigh

i weigh
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The i weigh podcast, with founder and CEO Jameela Jamil, focuses on body positivity and mental health. It shares personal stories of young women, promotes self-acceptance, and challenges societal norms.

10. Stuff Mom Never Told You

Stuff Mom Never Told You
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Adding to the list of great podcasts, Stuff Mom Never Told You is a podcast that every young woman should start listening to. This podcast focuses on women’s issues, offering candid conversations and advice on topics that often go undiscussed. From everyday life to pop culture, this podcast is a real life guide for women in their 20s.

11. Unf*ck Your Brain.

Unf*ck Your Brain
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If you’re seeking candid, empowering conversations on women’s issues, start listening to the great podcast, Unf*ck Your Brain. This podcast focuses on practical strategies for mental health, personal growth, and self-confidence, making it a highly recommended choice for young women.