7 Best iPad Cases for Kids of 2023

Cases for the iPad come in all shapes and sizes. Some are simple and affordable; others are bulky and complex.

Most of us prefer one kind based on our personal needs (to use at home or out on the go, to protect from harm or conceal the hideous pattern that adorns our tablet’s backside).

Best iPad Cases for Kids

However, there is one thing that every iPad case has in common: it was not made specifically for children. From the size to the feel of the cover, there are plenty of things about an adult iPad case that makes it unsuitable for children—something like a slick texture, sharp corners, difficult-to-open clasps, rigid plastic casing, and more.

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The iPad is a fantastic gadget for kids because it’s safe, portable, and instructive. Your kids will want to handle it carefully, just like any other device. Consider purchasing an iPad case if you’re considering purchasing an iPad for your child or if you already own one and want to shield it from damage from being handled by a child.

Delene P. Musielak, the host of “The Dr. Mom Show,” tells Verywell Family that having a youngster around an electronic device usually does increase the danger of it being dropped, hit, and having the glass break. “At this time, iPads aren’t built to last for child use.”

How do you make a decision when there are so many possibilities available? Learn more about the top cases for children by reading on.

How we Test and select?

We bought and reviewed about 12 cases of different colours and material. Some were hard and some were flexible.

The first thing we noticed was that some of the cases were too big for the iPad. And even if they did fit, they might make the iPad too heavy or bulky for small hands.

Our criteria for a good kids case? It has to be protective, easy to use, and, of course, stylish. We tested cases from big brands like Apple and Belkin and the smaller companies that make genuinely great products. We wanted to see how the instances held up when dropped if they were easy to install and remove, and if they added any bulk or weight to the device.

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Clunky rubber or plastic cases can be a real pain, but we liked some of those materials for their toughness. Buttons can be hard to press through some snap-on cases. And some cases cover up the beautiful edge-to-edge screen. The best case is one that works well and looks nice: there are so many cute designs out there!

We took notes on each and handed them to our kid testers. Some of them were very young—so the ones who used it the most were about five. They loved how bright and colorful the cases were, how many different designs there were, and how fun it was to switch them out.

The cases must have enough room to protect the screen and back of the iPad. We found that some of the cases covered only half of the back and left it exposed, which didn’t seem very safe or protective. We also checked if we could take it on and off and still get a good fit when we put it on. So we tried to shake it and drop it from a certain height, but most of them passed this test. Lastly, we wanted to see how easy they were for kids to use alone. We found that many of them had zippers or Velcro instead of snaps because they are more challenging for kids to open and close. One important thing is that the case should not be so heavy that small children can’t carry it around quickly with one hand.

We chose different types: hard plastic shell, rubber sleeves, silicone covers with handles, and book-style cases made from fabric.

Let’s now examine the characteristics that a strong argument ought to have

A strong argument should include the following:

1) The screen’s defense. It would be useless if the case protected the rear panel and left the screen vulnerable to harm in the event of a drop.

2) The iPad can be used in both portrait and landscape modes, and it is convenient to use it in both positions without taking it out of its case.

3) Access to all buttons: Using a case that hides the Home button makes using it a nuisance because you have to take it off each time you want to use it.

4) A stand function: The iPad is useful for reading and watching movies. Therefore a good cover should have the means to prop it up in one of these positions.

Below are the 7 best iPad cases for kids:

Here are a few of our top picks to help you find one that will work perfectly for your needs:

iPad CaseCompatibilityFeaturesPrice
Gumdrop HideAwayApple iPad 10.2″ (9th/8th/7th Gen)– Rugged and shockproof bumpers, Designed for K-12 students, Reliable device protection, Drop tested, Available in blue/green.
Otterbox TrustyiPad 7th, 8th & 9th Gen (10.2″ Display – 2019, 2020 & 2021 version)– Durable construction,Tested to outlast heavy-duty use, Convenient for travel, Provides kids confidence to carry on the go.$59
ROATZ Slim Fit SmartApple iPad Mini 5th Generation 2019 Model A2133 A2124 A2126 7.9-inch Display– Slim and lightweight, Smart rubber coated folio case,Wake/sleep feature, Hard cover, Affordable.$16
BMOUO Kids CaseNew iPad 10.2 2021/2020/2019 – iPad 9th/8th/7th Generation Case for Kids– Built-in screen protector, Shockproof handle stand, Affordable, Compatible with iPad 10.2″ (9th/8th/7th Gen).$13
SEYMAC Case-E RuniPad 9th/8th/7th Generation Case 10.2‘’– 360 degrees rotating stand, Full-body protection, Shockproof, Pencil holder, Hand strap.$27
Otterbox Kids EasyGrab 360° AntimicrobialiPad mini– Raised edges protect camera and screen<br>- Easy access to charge Apple Pencil, 360° design approach, compatible with OtterBox power accessories, Innovative EasyGrab Multi-Use Case Stand included, Limited lifetime warranty and no hassle customer service.$59
SEYMAC Shockproof Heavy Duty Protection Sturdy Protective CaseiPad 9th/8th/7th Generation Case, iPad 10.2 Case– Durable and sturdy, Shockproof, Heavy-duty protection, Smart cover auto sleep/wake, Folio stand case, Affordable.$26

1. Best Overall: Gumdrop HideAway iPad Case

Gumdrop HideAway iPad Case

Gumdrop’s HideAway iPad Case is a great fit for the new 2018 iPad 10.2″ (iPad 9th Gen, iPad 8th Gen and iPad 7th Gen). It’s designed for K-12 students, teachers and classrooms—so it’s drop tested, rugged and shockproof. The exterior is covered in bumpers to cushion against impact, while the interior is lined with soft microfiber to protect your device from scratches and scuffs. The case also integrates an adjustable viewing stand that lets you change your screen angle to find just the right position for viewing or typing.

In the classroom, Gumdrop cases make it easy for teachers to move around the room with their iPads without worrying about damaging them or about leaving behind a slippery, expensive device when moving quickly between lessons. Besides providing reliable protection from expensive technology, the case also helps the organization by allowing teachers to store pens, notepads, earphones, and other essential classroom items in its various pouches. Even when storing your iPad in an equipment locker at school or work, you will always have quick access to your stylus, USB cable, or headphones while they’re in the HideAway.

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The outer shell of this case is scratch resistant, but it also comes with a screen protector to prevent scratches on your tablet’s screen while it’s in the case. Gumdrop offers a lifetime limited warranty on this iPad 2 case (sold separately) and they will replace any broken or cracked pieces that come with the original product.

Price : $35

Key Specs:
Materials: Silicone and polycarbonate | Screen protection: Yes | Sizes: Fits Apple iPad 10.2 inch (generations 7, 8, and 9)

2. Best for Travel: Otterbox Trusty Case at Amazon

Otterbox Trusty Case

The Otterbox Trusty Case is an iPad Mini case designed to protect your iPad Mini even in extreme situations. This case has been tried and proven to withstand drops, dunks, and anything else you can imagine without breaking a sweat. The sleek design makes it easy for kids to hold on to their own and allows them to look grown-up with its refined style. It’s compatible with the iPad Mini 5th Generation and comes in different fun colors that kids and parents will endorse.

The case itself is constructed with a silicone inner shell that acts as a shock absorber in the event of a fall, but like other silicone cases, it doesn’t provide the most grip. The plastic outer shell does provide more grip and support for the iPad itself, and its durable construction means it will survive if dropped from reasonable heights on hard surfaces.

The case has two cutouts on the back for attaching straps, which allows you to turn the case into a stand or mount for your tablet. This offers several configuration options:

  • You can connect both straps, which puts your iPad at an angle when propped up.
  • You can attach one strap at an angle and another vertically, which gives you more excellent stability.
  • You can leave off one strap entirely to keep the case completely flat.

3. Best Lightweight: ROATZ iPad ​​Slim Fit Smart Rubber Coated Folio Case at Amazon

ROARTZ Gray Slim Fit Smart Rubber Coated Folio Case

Consider an iPad Smart Case from Apple if you want a case for yourself. Its magnetic closure lets you easily open and close it without worrying about the tablet falling out. The Smart Case also includes an embedded Apple Pencil holder so you can always keep your stylus with your tablet.

It’s almost impossible to find an iPad case that doesn’t look like a toy or a big, awkward binder, but this one is truly the best of both worlds. It’s an ultra-thin folio style with a fun and handsome exterior design that will appeal to kids (and adults), but it still protects your iPad from bumps and drops.

The rugged exterior shell keeps the tablet from getting scuffed up when you’re on the go, and the soft microfiber lining inside keeps the screen free of scratches. The cover swings open for easy access to the touchscreen and closes automatically when you shut it, so there’s no need for magnets or straps—grip the cover, and you’re good to go.

The Smart Case is made from polyurethane and comes in six colors: black, red (pictured), white, blue, gray, and pink. You can purchase the Smart Case directly through apple for $17.00; to avoid paying the total price, you can check out Amazon, which often has discounts.

For kids especially, since they tend to be harder on things, I like a case that protects the tablet and makes using it easier for them. The ROATZ iPad Slim Fit case, has two layers of silicone, and the outside layer has grippy dots that help prevent it from slipping out of little hands. 

In addition to keeping the screen covered, this case has a few other perks for kids:

  • It’s light enough that even young children can hold it up for viewing (though parents may want to supervise them to ensure they don’t drop it!)
  • Because it folds into a triangle shape, this case can prop up your iPad for viewing—no worry about finding a wall outlet or setting something heavy on top of your tablet!
  • The case is thin and unobtrusive, which means there won’t be anything in the way when your child wants to get her hands on her device.
  • The cover has magnets built into it, so the screen will go to sleep when closed, saving battery life and reducing eye strain.

Price: $17

Key Specs:
Materials: Microfiber, polyurethane, and rubber | Screen protection: Yes, when closed | Sizes:Available for all Mini, Air, Pro, and full-size iPads

4. Best Budget: BMOUO Kids Case

BMOUO Kids Case

We’ve all experienced the pain of a cracked screen, and with newer devices like the iPad 10.2″ (2021/2020/2019) that make watching movies and playing games even more enjoyable, we want to ensure you can do it in peace. That’s why we’ve covered this case with built-in screen protector technology, so you don’t have to worry about it every time your toddler drops it or when you’re using your tablet on a bumpy road trip. It’s also made with shockproof EVA foam so that if your kids or pets try to take the tablet out of your hands, they won’t be able to damage the display. And no matter how much they wriggle and fight, they’ll only be able to get this case off with your help.

The built-in screen protector on this case is a nice touch. It’s hard to find issues that give you an apparent front and back, and it’s even harder to find one that leaves the screen wholly exposed but protected. Suppose you’ve ever had your iPad in a bag with other items or used it in any way that could potentially scratch the screen; you know how important it is to have something protecting it. The best thing about this case is that it has a screen protector integrated into the design. It doesn’t come with a piece of glass; you have to insert your device into the case, lay it down on top of the screen protector, and then snap it closed around the edges.

BMOUO Kids Case is better than most cases out there because not only will it save your iPad from getting scratched in your bag or by other items, but if you need to use your touchscreen for anything at all, you can flip open the cover, and you’re right back to use your tablet without having to take off anything! It’s perfect for people who are always on their devices and don’t want ever to have to take them out of the protective case.

5. Best for Younger Kids: Speck Case-E Run

Speck Case-E Run

The Speck Case-E Run kids case is an excellent gift for parents with fidgety kids who are always on the go. Kids will be kids, and of course, they’ll drop their phones—but with this case, you can rest easy knowing your child’s phone is safe from drops up to 6 feet high. This case also has a handle for easy carrying. The handle folds flat, so the case can be stored in a backpack or messenger bag and even wrapped around the back of a seat to provide convenient viewing when you need to distract your kid on a long trip.

This case is designed for use by kids ages four and up. It’s made from sturdy EVA foam free of PVC, BPA, and formaldehyde. The Microban protection keeps the case clean by preventing the buildup of dust within it. This makes it easier for busy little hands to keep the screen clean, which is especially useful because it comes with a stand that makes video viewing more comfortable and accessible than ever!

In addition to being fun and functional, this case is a great alternative to more expensive iPad cases with built-in mounts. If you have multiple iPads, you can use one of these cases with each of them and then use any mount that uses a universal dock on your car headrest or suction cup on your windshield.

6. Best for iPad mini: Otterbox Kids EasyGrab 360° Antimicrobial $59

Otterbox Kids EasyGrab 360°

Easy to use and set down, the new Otterbox EasyGrab 360° Kids Case is the perfect case for kids constantly on the go. With 360° of protection, your iPad Mini will always be safe from drops, bumps, and bangs. Thanks to the built-in stand, you can flip it into a frame and prop it up in either landscape or portrait orientation, so they can watch a video or read a book while traveling in the car or waiting at the doctor’s office.

The durable construction is tested and proven to outlast heavy-duty use, giving kids confidence and convenience to carry on the go. The case is infused with a Silver-based additive that continually blocks microbial growth, so you don’t have to worry about food or drink spills damaging your kid’s case.

With just two hands, your kid can safely carry their case-protected tablet confidently and conveniently. It’s lightweight enough to take anywhere, with long-lasting durability tested and proven to outlast heavy-duty use — giving kids confidence and convenience to carry on the go! And while they may love their new case, you’ll love that it’s been designed with fun colors that kids love and parents approve — the perfect intersection of kid and parent aesthetics.

Available in a wide range of fun colors that kids love and parents approve—the perfect intersection of kid and parent aesthetics!

7. Best for Older Kids: SEYMAC Shockproof Heavy Duty Protection Sturdy Protective Case

SEYMAC Shockproof Heavy Duty

If your kids are over seven and still want a case that looks cool, this is a great option. The case comes in black with different accent colors but is not too grown-up looking. It offers good protection against drops and other accidents and is very sturdy. There is also a built-in stand that can prop the iPad up for watching videos or on an angle for typing on the keyboard.

This case comes in black with varying accent colors like pink, blue, green, and more. It’s made of soft silicone material that makes it durable and sturdy while also keeping it lightweight. It has a hard plastic shell that wraps around the back and is used to keep the device in place inside the case. The cover has cutouts for all the ports so that no matter which way you position your device, you’ll still be able to charge it or plug headphones in without removing it from its case. The shell also has small grip lines on its back so that if you set your iPad on a table with the screen facing up, it won’t slide around or fall off. 

The case is completely covered in shock-absorbing silicone, which doubles as a kickstand. The silicone is smooth to the touch but still makes it easy to handle and grip the device. A magnetic cover protects the case’s screen when not used. It also automatically wakes and sleeps your iPad as you open and close it. An opening on the side of the cover allows you to plug in headphones while keeping them out of sight.

The front cover folds back into a horizontal stand to prop up your device to watch videos or read books without holding it.

What to Look for in iPad and Tablet Cases for Kids ?

Materials: The case should be made from durable materials that can withstand heavy use but are not too heavy for little hands. EVA foam, rubber, and certain types of plastic provide the right balance of shock absorption, softness, and comfortable grip. Some cases use layers of more than one material for added protection.

Screen Protection: A screen protector can shield the tablet screen from scratches and decrease eye strain by improving light transmittance from the device. It is recommended to look for cases with screen protectors.

Size: It is essential to check the fine print on which models a case fits, as many different tablet sizes and generations are available. Focus on the most recent models of iPads, minis, and Fire tablets available, but also consider cases that will fit older models if necessary.

Durability: Kids can be rough with their devices, so a case built to withstand drops and spills is essential. Look for cases made of sturdy materials, such as shock-absorbing silicone or rubber or hard plastic. Some cases come with reinforced corners or edges to provide additional protection.

Fit: Choosing a case that fits your child’s tablet or iPad ideally is essential. Too loose or tight a case can make it difficult for your child to access the device’s buttons, ports, and camera. Check the product dimensions to ensure the case is compatible with your child’s device.

Grip: A case with a good grip can help prevent accidental drops. Look for cases with textured surfaces, non-slip materials, or handles that make it easier for kids to hold onto the device.

Accessible to Clean: Kids can be messy, so choosing a case that is easy to clean is a good idea. Look for cases that are made of materials that can be wiped down with a damp cloth or that can be machine washed.

Accessibility: Some cases come with built-in screen protectors or flaps that cover the device’s buttons and ports. While these features can help keep the device safe, they can also make it harder for kids to use. Look for cases that provide easy access to the device’s features.

Style : Kids like personalizing their devices, so choosing a case they’ll enjoy using is essential. Look for cases that come in various colors and designs or that can be customized with stickers or other decorations.

Price: The price of iPad and tablet cases for kids can range from less than $10 to more than $50. Consider your budget and how much protection your child’s device needs when choosing a case.