5 Best Hoverboard for Kids and Teens in 2023

Discover the best hoverboards for kids and teens with our comprehensive guide. We’ve carefully selected top-rated hoverboards based on safety, quality, and age-appropriate features.

As parents and tech reviewers, we understand the importance of finding appropriate toys and gadgets for our children to enjoy and play with their friends in their free time. We all know that sports and plays are healthy for kids and improve the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional well-being of kids and teenagers.

Best Hoverboard for Kids and Teens

One such popular gadget among kids is the hoverboard, which can be used by a kid as young as 5. There are also hoverboards for even more youthful kids, but We recommend parents wait till their kid is at least five years old.

If you are keeping a tab on your child while hoverboarding on your lawn, which is soft and wearing safety gear, then it is acceptable for young kids to enjoy the hoverboard ride.

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When selecting an electric scooter for children and teenagers, prioritizing their safety is of utmost importance. It is crucial to thoroughly examine the guidelines provided by manufacturers, including weight limits and age recommendations for hoverboards, to ensure that the device is appropriate for your child’s size and age. Similarly, accurately measuring the bicycle frame, specifically from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat tube, assists in determining the correct size for a suitable fit.

The reason kids and teenagers love hoverboards because they provide a thrilling and fun experience and help improve balance and coordination skills. Our tea members, Parvinder and Gurmeet, also enjoyed hoverboards when they were young, but at that time, the options were limited, and the pricing was a bit expensive compared to today.

Hoverboard enthusiasts are constantly seeking ways to enhance their riding experience. By delving into the intricacies of hoverboards, you can uncover valuable insights into riding techniques and learn expert advice on customizing your hoverboard.

However, with a wide range of options available in the market, choosing the best hoverboard for kids can be overwhelming.

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You can also buy toys for 5 year olds and Best toys for 4 year olds and 6 Year Olds kids to enjoy their free time and learn something new. All suggested toys in these articles are well reviewed and recommended by Experts.

Before making any purchase, it’s essential to consider the safety guidelines and recommended age ranges for hoverboards. Always ensure your child wears appropriate safety gear and follows proper riding etiquette.

Below are the 5 Best Hoverboard for Kids and Teens in 2023

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 hoverboards for kids based on various factors such as terrain suitability, age recommendation, features, battery and speed, pricing, and ratings.

1. Razor Hovertrax Prizma – Best All-Around Hoverboard

Razor Hovertrax Prizma Hoverboard

Why do We recommend this hoverboard? The Razor Hovertrax Prizma is one of our favorite kid’s hoverboards and is an excellent choice for kids due to its rugged construction, durability, and safety features. 

Since they like to Kids play rough and tough without any care for the gadgets, parents need to buy a well-built hoverboard so that it lasts long and doesn’t break quickly.

 It features EverBalance technology that provides a stable ride, making it easier for younger kids who just started to use hoverboards. The self-balancing feature can now be seen in most hoverboards, ensuring a smoother experience, improved safety, and allowing kids to focus on having fun.

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Moreover, find effective solutions for troubleshooting if your hoverboard encounters power-related issues.

Terrain: We always suggest parents to buy a hoverboard which is suitable for both indoor and smooth outdoor surfaces, as kids like to play with their neighborhood friends in front of their home streets, which is a hard surface. 

Best For: Beginners and kids aged eight and above.

Age Recommendation: 8 years and above. 

Features: EverBalance technology, self-balancing mode, LED light bars, and fender bumpers. 

Quick Tip: Make sure your child wears protective gear such as a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads while riding the hoverboard.

Battery and Speed: The Razor Hovertrax Prizma offers a runtime of up to 115 minutes and can reach a maximum speed of 8 mph.

Pricing: The Razor Hovertrax Prizma is priced at $250.99. 

Rating: 4.5/5

Personal Experience: Parvinder Singh, our software engineer and tech columnist, has a niece who loves the Razor Hovertrax Prizma. He appreciates its durability and how easy it is for his niece to ride and control the hoverboard.

2. Emaxusa – Best Bluetooth-Enabled Hoverboard

Emaxusa Hoverboard for Kids

Why do We recommend this hoverboard? This hoverboard is a house of entertainment with integrated wireless speakers. Kids and teens love the Emaxusa because it combines entertainment and functionality by integrating Bluetooth speakers into the hoverboard; playing with a bit of loud music can’t go wrong.

Kids can enjoy their favorite music while riding and playing with friends, enhancing their overall experience. We loved Emaxusa because it offers excellent stability and control, which is suitable for beginners’ safety and experienced riders.

Also, Learn about regulations and restrictions for taking a hoverboard on an airplane, and discover how to calibrate/reset your hoverboard for optimal performance.

Terrain: Suitable for smooth surfaces and light outdoor use. 

Best For: Music-loving kids aged 7 and above. 

Age Recommendation: 7 years and above. 

Features: Bluetooth speakers, LED wheel lights, and hoverboard app compatibility. 

Quick Tip: Before allowing your child to ride, ensure they have mastered basic balance and control.

Battery and Speed: The Emaxusa provides a runtime of up to 90 minutes and can reach a maximum speed of 7.5 mph.

Pricing: The Emaxusa is priced at $149.99. 

Rating: 4/5

Personal Experience: Gurmeet Kaur, our parenting writer at ParentalDaily, has a daughter who loves the Emaxusa, and is her best gadget. She also is fond of the added music factor of the built-in Bluetooth speakers and how it keeps her daughter engaged and motivated while riding.

3. TOMOLOO Hoverboard – Best Hoverboard with Colorful LED Lights

TOMOLOO Hoverboard with Bluetooth Speaker and Colorful LED Lights

Why do We recommend this hoverboard? We love the bright colors and customizable LED lights of the TOMOLOO Hoverboard. The vibrant lights make this hoverboard stands out to Kids and teens. The TOMOLOO hoverboard comes in various colors and patterns, which we are sure that your kids will like to ride with their friends.

 This hoverboard is pretty durable and has been designed with safety in mind. Our editors like that it has non-slip foot pads and a very well-made shell that helps kids form an excellent grip while riding.

Terrain: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces. 

Best For: Kids who enjoy colorful lights aged 6 and above. 

Age Recommendation: 6 years and above. 

Features: LED lights, Bluetooth speakers, and non-slip foot pads. 

Quick Tip: Start with the beginner mode and gradually increase the speed as your child gains confidence.

Battery and Speed: The TOMOLOO Hoverboard offers a runtime of up to 75 minutes and can reach a maximum speed of 7.5 mph.

Pricing: The TOMOLOO Hoverboard is priced at $169.99. 

Rating: 4/5

Personal Experience: Parmjit Kaur, our content head at ParentalDaily, has a nephew and an 8-year-old niece who both own TOMOLOO Hoverboards. She loves how the colorful LED lights bring fun to their rides, and the children appreciate the easy-to-learn controls and smooth riding experience.

4. Segway Ninebot S – Best for Versatile Terrain

Segway Ninebot S Kids Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter

Why do We recommend this hoverboard? The Segway Ninebot S offers excellent versatility and can handle various terrains. We love that it features large air-filled tires compared to other hoverboards on this list, providing a smooth and stable ride for younger kids and teenagers on different surfaces. Kids can easily ride this hoverboard on various surfaces, including grass, gravel, and uneven pavements. 

The hoverboard also offers robust build quality and advanced safety features, which are must-have features when buying gadgets for kids.

Terrain: Suitable for various terrains, including grass and gravel. 

Best For: Adventurous kids aged 10 and above. 

Age Recommendation: 10 years and above.

 Features: Large air-filled tires, anti-theft function, and customizable LED lights. 

Quick Tip: Ensure your child wears appropriate footwear with good traction for off-road riding.

Battery and Speed: The Segway Ninebot S offers a runtime of up to 13.7 miles and can reach a maximum speed of 10 mph.

Pricing: The Segway Ninebot S is priced at $339.99. Rating: 4.5/5

5. Gotrax Glide Hoverboard – Best Hoverboard for Younger Kids

Gotrax Glide Hoverboard for Kids Ages 6-12

Why do We recommend this hoverboard? This hoverboard is the best fit for younger kids. The Gotrax Glide is designed for younger riders with simplified modes, durable frame, and self-balancing tech, making it an ideal choice for kids just starting their hoverboard journey. 

It features a simplified learning mode that helps children build confidence gradually. The hoverboard also has a sturdy frame and offers excellent stability.

Terrain: Suitable for smooth surfaces and light outdoor use. 

Best For: Younger kids aged 4 to 7. 

Age Recommendation: 4 to 7 years. 

Features: Learning mode, LED lights, and self-balancing technology. 

Quick Tip: Always supervise younger kids while they ride and encourage them to start with the learning mode.

Battery and Speed: The Gotrax Glide provides a runtime of up to 4 miles and can reach a maximum speed of 7.5 mph.

Pricing: The Gotrax Glide is priced at $138.99. 

Rating: 4.3/5

How We Chose The Best Hoverboards

When selecting the best hoverboards for kids and teens, our ParentalDaily team considered multiple factors crucial to ensure safety, quality, pricing, and age-appropriate features. 

We extensively researched and analyzed various models with different features like durability, wireless speakers, and LED lights and also took into account customer reviews, expert opinions, and industry safety standards.

Here’s what our team considered when choosing the best hoverboards:


 The safety of children is the utmost priority for parents and is our’s as well. We examined hoverboards with reliable safety features such as non-slip foot pads, sturdy material quality, and excellent self-balance control systems. We also ensured that all recommended hoverboards on this list comply with safety standards and certifications.

Age Suitability

 We considered hoverboards suitable for a wide range of age groups, including options specifically designed for younger riders and teenagers. We also ensure that both boys and girls can ride these hoverboards easily and comfortably. This ensured that children of different ages, from 5 years old to 16 years old, could enjoy the hoverboard experience safely and comfortably.

Quality and Durability

 Our team selected hoverboards only from popular, well-rated, and reputable brands known for their quality, customer service, and durability. 

We evaluated the materials, value for money, and customer feedback on various e-commerce websites to ensure that the hoverboards would withstand children’s rough and tough use and provide long-lasting enjoyment.

User-Friendly Features

We looked for hoverboards with user-friendly features such as self-balancing technology, beginner modes, and easy-to-learn controls. These features help younger riders gain confidence and ensure a smoother riding experience.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

 We considered the experiences and feedback of real customers who had purchased and used the hoverboards. Positive reviews and high ratings from reliable sources were crucial in our selection process.

What To Consider When Buying A Hoverboard

When purchasing a hoverboard for your child, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

Age and Skill Level

 Consider your child’s age and skill level to ensure you choose a hoverboard appropriate for their abilities. Younger children may require models with slower speeds and additional stability features.

Safety Features 

Look for hoverboards with safety features such as non-slip foot pads, fender bumpers, and LED lights for visibility. It’s also crucial to check if the hoverboard meets safety standards and certifications.

Terrain Suitability 

Consider where your child will primarily use the hoverboard. Some models are better suited for indoor use, while others can handle various terrains such as grass, gravel, or pavement.

Battery Life and Speed 

 Check the hoverboard’s battery life and maximum speed to ensure it aligns with your child’s usage preferences. Longer battery life allows for extended riding sessions, while adjustable speed settings provide flexibility.

Brand Reputation

Opt for hoverboards from reputable brands known for their quality and safety standards. Research customer reviews and brand reputation for ensuring you choose a reliable product.

Considering these factors and using our recommendations as a guide, you can find the best hoverboard that meets your child’s needs and provides a safe and enjoyable riding experience.