5 Best Family Tracker Apps in 2023

As mobile technology and connectivity continue to advance, families are looking for ways to stay connected with one another. Many people participate in family meeting via a conference call once a week or more. These group calls can help families keep each other in the loop regarding happenings over the previous week, upcoming milestones, and plans for the future.

Best Family Tracker Apps

Family Tracker Apps have exploded onto the app marketplace that allows you to keep track of your family’s locations. These location tracking apps allow you to see where members of your family are at any given time and how long they spent at their destination. These trackers even provide details about where the person went and how they got there.

You can also use parental control apps to control and monitor your child‘s internet use and keep them safe.

Some of these apps even provide alerts to let you know if one of your family members has left school early, arrived home late, or deviated from their normal route.

These family location tracking apps can be a great tool to ensure that everyone is safe while providing an easy way for you and your family members to stay in touch with each other on a daily basis.

How we test these apps?

In order to test the accuracy of location reporting, We tried out the apps with three different phones: my own iPhone SE, my Mom’s iPhone X, and my sister’s iPhone 13 Pro. I also used two Android devices: one was my own Google Pixel XL and the other was a Samsung Galaxy S20 that belongs to a family member.

When researching this article, we went through many user reviews and ratings websites such as Google’s Play Store and iTunes App Store.

We also used apps like Overall, the highest rated app for family tracking was Life360 (4.8 stars) followed by Find My Kids by Geo Track  (4.6 stars) and Bark (4.3 stars). These three apps earned high marks from users because they were easy to use, came with useful features like text messaging and location sharing, had accurate location tracking, and offered the ability to create geo-fences around locations where you wanted to receive notifications if someone entered or left.

The downside was that all three of these apps offered premium services that cost money—though their basic features were free. The other seven apps we tested weren’t rated as highly by users: People often complained about their accuracy, particularly when it came to location tracking over time, as well as frequent errors when using the app’s features like text messaging or driving directions.

Ease of use: I installed these apps on my iPhone SE and android devices. All apps were easy to download from Google play store or Apple app store. However some apps required me to create an account before I could use them. All apps had a simple interface which was easy to operate even for a non-tech savvy person like me.

Location accuracy: There were no major issues as far as location accuracy was concerned. Apps performed satisfactorily during our testing period. 

Ease of use: We found that it was easy to use this app while travelling outside the home however it was difficult to set the home location initially.

What makes a good family tracker app?

  • GPS Tracking: You want to know if the person you’re tracking is safe.
  • Alerts and notifications: This is how you’ll be informed if something happens.
  • Safety plans: Here’s where you’ll get help developing an action plan in case of emergencies.
  • GeoFencing: If a child or partner goes outside their geo-fenced area, it triggers an alert for you to follow up on it.
  • Remote locking/wiping features: In the event that your phone is lost or stolen, having a way to lock it remotely or wipe the data on your phone is a huge plus.
  • Battery life/charge notification: There’s no point in having an app without a charged phone!
  • Fun features for kids and parents alike: For example, some apps have features like photo sharing, family calendars and game time limits. These can make using the app more fun for the whole family, not just the kids.
  • Keep your family safe and help them stay connected with these great apps.

These are the 6 best family locator apps in 2023

1. Find My Kids by Geo Track Technologies Inc

Find My Kids is a free app for iOS and Android devices. It was created especially for caring parents who want to keep track of their children’s location and use that information to improve their safety. GPS location tracker will help you track your child’s location on the map and see their location history for the day.

Loud signal will send a loud notification to your child’s phone if they are having difficulty locating it or if it was left on silent mode and they can’t hear your call.

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Screen time feature in this app allows you to find out what apps is your kid using in school and how long he/she is using them.

Security control will help you check that your child arrived at school on time – get notifications when they reach school, return home and get to other places; add in custom locations for additional security. Battery check tracks your child’s mobile device charge status. Family chat enables you to communicate with all family members via text message.

Key Features

  • Set up geofences so you receive alerts when your child enters or leaves a certain area around their home or school—this way you can make sure they arrive (and leave) safely
  • Get notifications if they take out their phone while they’re driving—you can see where they are and tell them to pull over immediately if necessary
  • Send a quick text message to quickly let them know you’re thinking about them
  • Receive location updates for your kids at any time, day or night.
  • Track your child’s location on the map and see their location history for the day.
  • Send a loud notification to their phone if they’re having difficulty locating it or if it was left on silent mode and they can’t hear your call.
  • Check what apps they’re using in school and how long they use them.
  • Check that your child arrived at school on time – get notifications when they reach school, return home and get to other places.


For free, you can use all the functions of the service for 7 days. At the end of this period, the free version will only have location tracking online. For all functions in the app, you will need to buy a subscription. The cost of each subscription will be debited from your iTunes account automatically unless you cancel it more than 24 hours before the end of its subscription period.

Download: Android and iPhone (Free and Paid subscription)

2. Bark


Bark is an app that allows you to set a virtual fence around any location you choose, and get notified when anyone in your family arrives at, or leaves, that location. It works as a family locator service.

Bark is an app that connects to your family’s mobile devices and lets you set alerts for when they arrive at or leave a location. It also has other helpful features, like locating lost phones and preventing unauthorized purchases.

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Supported by an excellent customer service team and quick response times from the developers, this app is easy to use and available on all major platforms—there really isn’t any reason not to give it a try.

I’m using Bark with my sister’s kids now, and it’s been a great experience overall. They have fun seeing their friends’ BARK icons pop up as they move around town, and I love being able to make sure they’re safe without having to worry about intruding on their privacy or interrupting their after-school hangout sessions.

Key Features

  • Get alerts when your child arrives at or leaves pre-set locations.
  • Verify your child’s location no matter where they roam
  • Get directions to their checked-in location, if needed 
  • Set app usage times and limits on social media platforms and other websites and apps.
  • Receive daily email summaries for each child detailing how much time they’ve spent online.
  • Monitor the amount of time kids spend on their devices, including current, average, and total screen time.
  • Block certain apps or platforms that you don’t want your kids using.
  • Schedule “device-free” times and locations like bedtime, mealtimes, family trips, and more.
  • Keep your kids safe from inappropriate content by filtering websites and blocking unwanted web-based platforms.


Bark Premium is the most comprehensive plan, including features like GPS tracking, automatic alerts when your child arrives or leaves school, notifications if they go somewhere they shouldn’t be, and more location history. It costs $14/month or $99/year with an annual plan.

If you’re looking for something slightly less involved but still want features like safety alerts and notifications when your kid leaves school early or arrives late, Bark Jr. is a great choice. It costs $5/month or $49/year with an annual plan.

Download: Android and iPhone (Free and Paid subscription)

3.  Life360 Family Locator 

Life360 Family Locator is a free app that helps you protect and connect your loved ones and important stuff with comprehensive safety features for life at home, on the web, and on the go—all in one place for added value and convenience.

Modern technology makes it possible to track your family’s whereabouts in real time. But sometimes, that’s not enough. Life360 Family Locator goes beyond a basic GPS phone tracker with extra security features, emergency alerts, and comprehensive monitoring of your most prized belongings or interests. The result? A powerful tool that protects and connects you to your world—no matter where you are.

Life360 Family Locator works like this: You download the app on each mobile device that you want to track, then create a private network of people that you select—your family, best friends, or anyone else who needs protection. You can also add important objects such as your car, valuables, pet(s), boats/RVs/trailers with compatible devices or Bluetooth enabled tracking tags.

Key Features:

  • Real-time location sharing and messaging.
  • 24/7 emergency support including SOS and emergency dispatch.
  • Driving safety features such as crash detection, speed monitoring, and battery status alerts.
  • Geo-fencing, which lets you set up alerts for when a family member arrives at or leaves a specific location.
  • Weekly location history.
  • Identity theft protection with up to $1 million in coverage for each account member.
  • Life360 offers lots of useful features for keeping your family safe.


Life360 Family Locator have three different tiers of service: free, gold, and platinum. The free membership allows you to locate one person or vehicle at a time; the gold membership allows you to locate five people at a time for $14.99/month; and the platinum membership allows you to locate five people at a time as well as receive 24/7 Roadside Assistance, ID Theft Protection, and Disaster Response for $24.99/month.

Download: Android and iPhone (Free and Paid subscription)

4.  Family360 – Family Locator

Family360 is a family locator app that brings your whole family together. It’s designed specifically to help you connect with your friends and family in ways that are meaningful to you. Whether you’re going on a trip or just running errands, Family360 lets you share your location and more with the people who matter most, so they can always keep up with where you are and what you’re doing.

The app uses a unique circle system that allows you to focus on the people closest to your heart, like your immediate family members, spouse and best friends. As long as you know their phone number, you can add them to any circle and see them appear on the map alongside your other circles—no matter how many circles you create, each person will have their own unique color and icon on the map so it’s easy for everyone to tell who’s who.

Family360 also offers features that are specifically geared toward families or groups of friends or roommates. One great example is its ability to send alerts when someone leaves or enters a certain location—you might be at home while everyone else in the family is at work or school, but if one of them comes home early without calling, Family360 will let you know right away via text message.

Key Features:

  • Know the whereabouts of your dear ones.
  • Get notified when your partner leave or arrive at home or work.
  • Locate everyone at once to find the nearest family member.
  • Create custom zones around important places such as your home and work.
  • Know your history location for up to 30 days.
  • With Family360, you can track your family or social group members of a group and always know their location.
  • You can create unlimited groups and add or remove people from your groups.
  • Once you set up your account, you can invite people to join your group by SMS invitation or your contacts.
  • Each member of the group must be accepted by the administrator of the group.
  • The administrator of the group will receive an alert if a new person joins the group.
  • If you are in a group with another person, they can see and track your location.

Download: Android and iPhone (Free and Paid subscription)

5. BlindSquare

In the world of GPS tracking apps, BlindSquare stands out as a unique and useful tool, specifically designed with blind people in mind. It is a pioneering solution that utilizes cutting-edge technology to empower blind individuals to navigate their surroundings with increased autonomy and confidence. 

Key Features of BlindSquare 

BlindSquare is more than just a GPS tracking app. It is a comprehensive navigation system that integrates seamlessly with other apps to provide the best possible support for blind users. Here are some of its key features: 

  • Description of the surrounding environment: BlindSquare uses GPS data to provide real-time information about the user’s surroundings, including nearby streets, buildings, and points of interest.
  • Integration with public transportation systems: The app provides real-time updates about nearby public transportation options, including bus and train schedules.
  • Compatibility with VoiceOver: BlindSquare is fully compatible with VoiceOver, a screen-reading feature that allows blind users to interact with their devices.

Benefits for Blind Users 

BlindSquare has been a game-changer for many blind individuals. It offers a number of benefits that significantly improve their ability to navigate independently. Let’s take a closer look at these benefits: 

  1. Increased Independence: With BlindSquare, blind users can navigate their surroundings more confidently, reducing their dependency on others.
  2. Enhanced Safety: The app provides real-time updates on the user’s location and immediate surroundings, helping to ensure their safety as they move around.
  3. Improved Quality of Life: By offering the ability to navigate independently, BlindSquare enhances the overall quality of life for blind users.

6.  GeoZilla Find My Phone Family Tracker

It can be hard enough to get the entire family together for one holiday gathering. The thought of getting them all together—and keeping track of where they go and what they’re doing—is enough to make a parent’s head spin. With the GeoZilla Find My Phone Family Tracker, you can follow along with your children and loved ones regardless of the occasion.

The app is easy to use. Simply download it onto your phone and those you want to keep tabs on via the app, and you’ll be able to do so at any time. The app lets you see when they arrive at a location (and when they leave), how long they stay, where they’ve been during that time period, whether they are speeding or using their phone while driving, and even lets you send them a simple message to check in and assure them that you are thinking about them. You can even send an image directly from your GeoZilla account to theirs if it will ease their mind to see that you’re safe too.

The possibilities for a tool like this are endless. It’s great for parents who want to keep track of their children, but also for businesspeople who want to know where their employees are when out on company business, for families who want to keep

Key Features:

  • GeoZilla helps you stay connected with family members without being too invasive.
  • GeoZilla will track location in real time for any member of your circle.
  • See where your loved ones are and get notifications when they leave or arrive somewhere.
  • Check up on family members to assure they are okay, especially when you know they’re on their way home late at night.
  • Share pictures and text throughout the day to stay in touch.

Download: Android and iPhone (Free and Paid subscription)

These are some of the best family tracking services available online. Of course, that doesn’t mean they are ideal for everyone or every family. It depends on what you want to use a tracking system for. The tools that we’ve covered in this article will help you keep track of your family’s daily activities and their location in real time.

Most can even send you alerts when your spouse is close to home, or when your kids have left school grounds. In short, these systems enable you to keep tabs on the comings and goings of everyone in your family. Whether that’s something you need or want is up to you—but now at least you have some options!

GPS Family Tracking for the Visually Impaired

Highlighting how GPS tracking apps can assist individuals with visual impairments.

Blind people are more likely to experience mobility issues…Mobility issues – Difficulty navigating
unfamiliar environments
Worldwide visually impaired253 million people
Completely blind worldwide39 million people
GPS tracking apps can help blind peopleAid in navigation – Increase independence
GPS tracking apps can also help blind peopleTime-saving – Stress reduction
Visually impaired people in the US7 million people
BlindSquare capabilities– Announce points of interest
– Announce street intersections
– Provide current address