The Best Co Parenting App for shared Parenting

Co-Parenting is a new trend in parenting, where two parents share the responsibility of raising their child. It may be that the parents are separated, or it may be that they are still together but have decided to share the responsibility of raising their child. In either case, there are several apps that can help you manage this shared responsibility.

Being a co-parent is hard. That’s where our list of the best co parenting apps comes in handy. Co parenting apps help keep the lines of communication open between parents and their children, ensuring that everyone gets what they need out of the relationship. – Coparenting and the Transition to Parenthood

Co-Parenting after Divorce: – Family Institute – The African American Co-parenting Research Study

Peaceful CoParenting Messenger

Co parenting apps range from keeping track of schedules and even sending reminders to complete tasks, to helping with finances and creating a budget for both parents. There are also apps that help keep everything organized by creating shared calendars as well as an easy way to share photos and videos between parents and their kids.

The best co parenting app is the one that helps you to be organized, communicate effectively and stay on top of your schedule.

The best part about these apps is how easy they are to use and how much they simplify the process of being a co parent.

The best co parenting app is the one that helps you to be organized, communicate effectively and stay on top of your schedule.

There are many different types of co-parenting apps available on the market today and each one offers a unique set of features.

The following are some of our favorite co-parenting apps:

These tools can make your life as a co-parenting team easier, and they give you a little more control over how you interact with your child’s other parent. We used the one or two that we find essential, but if you’re looking for a recommendation, here are the best co-parenting apps we’ve found so far:

1. AppClose – The Best App for Co-Parents.

AppClose - The Best App for Co-Parents
AppClose’s Co-Parenting App is designed to help the children of divorced and separated parents.

AppClose is the best app for co-parents who want to keep their private life private. With AppClose, you can decide with your partner what information you want to share with the outside world. You can also decide how you want to share it—or not—with your child. Co-parenting is not always easy, but with AppClose’s intuitive interface and privacy settings, you’ll have an easier time keeping your relationship happy.

AppClose is a free app that helps co-parents find out what’s going on with their children while they’re not there. Co-parents can use AppClose to check in with each other and make sure everything’s on track. It brings the whole family together, even when they’re apart. It doesn’t matter where you are—in the same town, across the country, or abroad—AppClose lets you see what the other parent is doing and even interact with them in real time.

Using the app is simple: you set up a group chat with your co-parent (or co-parents) and begin sending messages, pictures, videos, or any other forms of communication that you find helpful. You set up the parameters of your communication, whether it’s just for scheduling purposes or if you want to talk about every aspect of your child’s life.

The app has the ability to record conversations, send photos and videos, and share information like contact details, court documents, and calendar events.
The app has the ability to record conversations, send photos and videos, and share information like contact details, court documents, and calendar events.

AppClose makes it easy for co-parents to stay connected:

  • Easily post pictures, videos, and text updates about your child’s day
  • Share memories from past events
  • Ask questions of your partner about child care details, like if dinner was ready or if the homework was done
  • Arrange playdates or other activities for your kids
  • Create a schedule for your children or pets with preset calendar options
  • Track each other’s time in real-time so you know who’s doing what and can plan accordingly
  • Leave comments in the app for questions you might have about the event, or share pictures to put a more visual face on who is supposed to be where and when
  • Keep track of your children’s statistics over time, including their performance in areas like school, sports, and after-school activities

The AppClose Co-Parenting app allows parents of any age, lifestyle, or situation to easily and efficiently share childcare schedules, plan events, and maintain a child’s schedule. The calendar feature provides children with an easy way to see their schedules, while the parental add-on lets parents share their work schedule with the child’s other parent(s).

A selectable “schedule type” feature allows for the easy creation of a weekly recurring schedule for the entire year. In addition, preset calendar options like “Evening”, “Weekend”, and “Every Other Weekend” allow one to instantly generate a custom schedule in seconds. The app is also equipped with a statistics feature that gives parents insight on how much time they spend with their children across all months and years—and even allows them to export these statistics for use in other programs. Additionally, comment features allow for the quick and easy sharing of information about upcoming events and activities.

You can also use AppClose to leave voice messages for your children and their other parent, along with text messages, since it also offers texting capabilities.
You can also use AppClose to leave voice messages for your children and their other parent, along with text messages, since it also offers texting capabilities.

With AppClose, your record keeping abilities are limitless. It’s easy to schedule and plan with the built-in calendar and preset calendar options, as well as a comment field for notes. And you can even make custom templates for your schedule so that you can always have the information you need at hand.

The app’s easy-to-use calendar templates allow parents to send scheduled time with their kids through push notifications, voice messages, or text messages. With AppClose, you’re never without your child’s next schedule. The app helps you hold each other accountable for parenting time and provides statistics to let you know if either parent is coming up short. AppClose also features comment features so that you can communicate about proposed schedules and drop-offs in real-time.

The app will also have many presets built in, including certain activity types (i.e. football practice), holidays (i.e. birthday), and recurring events (i.e. every Tuesday). If a preset isn’t available for an event you’d like to schedule, it can be easily customized with a color-coded calendar layout that is both easy to read and visually pleasing. 

The statistics feature allows you to track how often your child gets picked up or dropped off at school or extracurricular activities on time so you can reward them when they do well and reprimand them when they don’t follow the rules. This feature will also give you insight into what times of day/week your child needs most attention from either parent so that you can work out any logistics problems related to picking them up/dropping them off at school or activities on time.

Comes With easy-to-use parenting schedule templates, preset calendar options, statistic features, and comment capabilities, your record keeping abilities are endless
Comes With easy-to-use parenting schedule templates, preset calendar options, statistic features, and comment capabilities, your record keeping abilities are endless

It works in the same way as Messenger, WhatsApp, and other similar apps, but it’s specifically created for parents to use when communicating about their children.

In addition to group chats, AppClose has features that make it ideal for co-parenting. The app also allows users to export all of their messages if they ever need to show them to a judge or another legal authority. This allows people to communicate confidentially while still having the ability to back up any information they want in case they need it later on.

With audio and video calling, you can hear, see, and talk to other users in real time, no matter where you are, when both parties enable audio/video calling! This service is designed for the dual purpose of keeping open lines of communication between parents at all times and avoiding disputes about what was said, what was agreed upon, or whether an agreement was broken. The AppClose app can be used on any smartphone with a data connection and a web browser (for the most part). All it requires is an internet connection and a phone number (which are also required to set up an account) to use the features.

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And so much more! AppClose really is the best way to connect with your co-parent in a way that makes everyone happy. Sign up now and see how AppClose can help your family get closer than ever before!

2. Onward – Best free Co-Parenting Expenses app

Onward - Best free Co-Parenting Expenses app

Onward is an expenses app for co-parents. Using Onward, parents can create expense categories that make sense for their family, like “School expenses” or “Birthday gifts”. Parents can then split expenses with their co-parent using smart categories and rules.

Onward is a free app that helps parents organize and keep track of their child’s expenses. While it can be used for any child – whether with two parents, one parent, or an extended family member – it was designed with co-parents in mind to help them keep track of the shared expenses such as daycare, babysitters, tutors, and extracurricular activities.

The app pulls together all of those details into one place and keeps them updated automatically as the family’s financial situation changes. It also makes it easier for parents to get on the same page about their shared responsibilities for things like school lunch or college tuition. And just as importantly, it puts an end to arguments over who paid what last time.

Here are some of the most important features of Onward:

  • Track your expenses as you make them.
  • Snap a photo of receipts, no matter where you are.
  • Make notes about what the expense is for.
  • Add categories if you’d like to track meals separately from entertainment, for example. This is particularly useful if you have kids and want to split things up between the two of you.
  • Set reminders to pay bills or give the other person money.
  • If you’re in a real pinch, Onward will even let you request money from your co-parent—and it’s super easy to send them an invoice if they don’t pay up right away!
  • A clean interface that makes it easy to split expenses with your co-parent.
  • Propose how you’d like to split each expense — and settle up with your favorite payment providers such as Venmo or Zelle.
  • Settle up in one tap once an expense has been agreed upon by both parties.

It’s the perfect app for anyone who has gone through a divorce or separation and wants to make it easier to manage their financial responsibilities. The app allows you to create a shared account for your children, which can be used to manage everything from regular expenses (such as rent and tuition) to unexpected bills (like your child’s broken wrist). 

Onward is an app that helps co-parents keep track of shared expenses and schedules.
Onward is an app that helps co-parents keep track of shared expenses and schedules.

It also keeps track of how much money each parent contributes, so you never end up paying twice for the same expense, or get stuck having to cover all the costs when you’re only responsible for half. Onward also makes it easier to coordinate with your ex by providing a private messaging platform that lets you discuss details about upcoming bills, share financial documents and request payments.

When it comes to splitting up the bills in a relationship, we’ve all been there: one person pays and the other forgets to log it on their phone, or they choose a payment method that isn’t as convenient as their partner’s favorite method. Onward is an app that’s built to help couples and families streamline this process—no more forgetting who paid what, or who used which payment method. You can quickly add what you owe, propose how you’d like to split each expense, and then settle up with your favorite payment method one by one.

Transparency is key in co-parenting situations, but has always been difficult to achieve. This app will make it easier for both parents to see expenses from their children and be able to track what is paid and what is owed. It will also provide a space for notes so that both parents can stay on top of when the last doctor’s appointment was or what extracurricular activities their child may have coming up.

Best of all, it’s completely free!

3. TalkingParents – All-in-one Secure Co-Parenting Tool

TalkingParents is an all-in-one communications service for shared parenting
TalkingParents is an all-in-one communications service for shared parenting

TalkingParents is the secure, easy-to-use, all-in-one secure co-parenting tool that has revolutionized the way divorced parents share information, communicate and work together.

In today’s world, technology provides a solution to many problems, but not when it comes to co-parenting after divorce; as soon as both parents have their own devices, there are endless opportunities for miscommunication, arguments and resentment. We have created TalkingParents for divorced parents with children to handle the full range of co-parenting issues.

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The app has three main features: Schedule sharing, communication, and photo and video backup. These features work together to help parents build stronger relationships with their children, even when they’re separated.

co-parenting app that allows parents to have secure video calls
Co-parenting app that allows parents to have secure video calls

Schedule sharing is an intuitive calendar that lets parents share their schedules with each other in real time. Parents can send messages about upcoming activities and coordinate the schedule accordingly. If there are conflicts, parents can simply reschedule the activity. It’s easy to configure your account settings so that you can only see your ex’s full schedule or only see events related to your child. Schedule sharing also works well for resolving visitation issues—if a parent isn’t available during the time of day when their child wants to see them, one parent can move the activity on their own schedule or ask the other parent to switch it with something else.

With TalkingParents, you can:

  • Update each other on upcoming events related to your kids
  • Keep track of important dates like doctor’s appointments, birthdays, and special occasions
  • Share your monthly budget with your co-parent so there are no surprises or unwelcome charges
  • Coordinate shared expenses like groceries or gas for travel
  • Send messages when it’s more convenient than talking on the phone.
  • Memorize and store all family plans in one place.
  • Post photos of events and milestones.
  • Get reminders about shared expenses.
  • Share documents like medical forms or a lease agreement.

Photos and videos are often a source of conflict for co-parents because they’re so valuable but so easily lost or destroyed in a custody battle. That’s why TalkingParents has robust photo and video backup features that let you share photos and videos with others as easily as sending an email.

All calls and messages are recorded and saved within our Unalterable Records, holding both parents accountable.
All calls and messages are recorded and saved within our Unalterable Records, holding both parents accountable.

TalkingParents is available on both the Apple and Google Play stores and is the only co-parenting app that allows parents to have secure video calls without ever disclosing their phone number to their co-parent. The app lets you choose a screen name for yourself as well as your child’s other parent.

The secure video calling feature means that you don’t need to worry about accidentally revealing your personal phone number when you call your children’s other parent. The system also allows for two-way audio, so you can participate in audio only calls with your ex if you’d prefer not to turn on the camera on your device but still want the flexibility of being able

TalkingParents is the first app of its kind to help parents communicate, manage and share information in an organized and secure way. It was built with the same structure as social apps, but for families. The unique features within the parent app allow for a low learning curve by allowing users to easily invite family members to join them on the platform without a lengthy onboarding process. The child app functions like a private messaging system that takes advantage of location data and photo sharing capabilities.

Save and secure pictures, receipts, in-person situational recaps. Keep everything pertaining to co-parenting in one place.
Save and secure pictures, receipts, in-person situational recaps. Keep everything pertaining to co-parenting in one place.

With their Unalterable Records feature, you can hold yourself and other parents accountable for all of the calls and messages you share with each other. The app makes it easy to find, review, and verify all conversations on our platform. All calls and messages are recorded and saved within our Unalterable Records, holding both parents accountable.

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It’s common for co-parents to experience frustrations, and the fact that they’re often only in each other’s lives briefly means that there’s not much time to alleviate those frustrations. That’s why they built the TalkingParents Co-Parenting app—to help co-parents streamline their communication and stay on track with each other.

Keep track of all of your shared parenting expenses

In the world of shared parenting, there are a lot of moving parts that have to be taken care of to keep everybody on the same page—and when it comes to finances, one thing that can get lost in the shuffle is the record-keeping. The “Accountable Payments” feature on TalkingParents helps you share and keep track of all of your expenses like child care, day camp, and school costs. Here’s how it works:

Once you’ve set up a joint account with your co-parent (and if you haven’t yet, sign up for our 14-day free trial), open up the “Accountable Payments” tab. From here you can make new payment requests, you can view past payments made by your co-parent, and you can see your balance. If you’re using the app for frequent exchanges between multiple people—whether it’s two parents or a parent and another family member—you can create a group payment request here as well.

Once you’ve agreed on an amount with your co-parent, tap “Add Payment Request.” You’ll both be able to see this request on your app. A user-friendly interface makes it simple to send or receive money with just a few clicks, so you can keep up with your co-parent’s payments in real time. No more fighting about who owes what!

The TalkingParents Co-Parenting app allows users to share information about upcoming events, access shared calendars, and even join each other’s Hangouts for a quick video chat about important matters. In addition, it keeps all of these communications in one place for easy reference, making planning with your co-parent a breeze. With the application, you’ll never have to worry about keeping track of important dates, times, and shared expenses again.

This year I hope you find it easier to deal with your co-parent! Give it a try—you won’t regret it!

4. OurFamilyWizard – The Best Co Parenting App for iPhone

OurFamilyWizard is a secure, cloud-based family communication and collaboration platform that helps families communicate with one another effectively.
OurFamilyWizard is a secure, cloud-based family communication and collaboration platform that helps families communicate with one another effectively.

The best co-parenting app for iPhone users is OurFamilyWizard, which is designed to help divorced or separated parents communicate with each other and keep their children’s needs at the forefront. It allows parents to send messages that can be responded to privately and lets them send important information that can help the child stay informed about upcoming events, such as school trips, doctor’s appointments and parent-teacher conferences. It also has a feature that allows parents to upload family photos so they can see what the child is up to.

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OurFamilyWizard is an easy-to-use app for iPhone that makes your life easier by allowing you to keep track of everything from where your kids are and what they’re doing, to when it’s time for bed and what the weather’s like. It’s an indispensable tool for working parents, busy families and if you’re a grandparent, it will make you feel like a kid in a candy store. This app is a godsend.

  • It’s a Freemium app that lets you and your co parent to quickly and easily exchange information about your shared children.
  • The messages on the app are automatically timestamped, so both parties always know exactly when the message was sent. This helps eliminate confusion due to lack of communication.
  • You can easily create a shared calendar by adding events for each child, even if the other parent doesn’t use the app. It’s great for sharing holidays, vacations and schedules!
  • The messaging system is great for coordinating things like school drop off and pick up times, making sure that everyone is on the same page about where each child will be and when (yay for less anxiety!).
  • You can add pictures of your kids, which is a great way to stay connected to what they look like at this stage in their life (and it’s fun to see how they’ve changed since you last saw them).
  • The ability to quickly send photos or videos to our other parent. We can attach these directly in a message

The simple interface lets you add information about everyone involved in the family situation, including children, spouses and other relatives. A handy calendar lets you schedule times for childcare and set reminders to call or text your kids when they need to be picked up. The app also allows you to pick up right where you left off on any device, so whether you use it at home or on the go, you’ll always get the most up-to-date information.

OurFamilyWizard allows parents to upload pictures of their kids and set up a family calendar. It also automatically notifies the other parent if you add an appointment to the family calendar, so they can see it in their own calendar, and it sends out a daily email with the day’s events—by default, it sends this email only to the parent who added the event.

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The app collects data from eight different apps—calendar, messaging, photos, notes, voice memos, reminders, contacts and maps—to create an account that keeps track of all the important information you and your ex share about your children. As you add more family members to your account, the app will automatically create a family group that includes everyone in one place. You can communicate with other members of the group through private messages and even set up reminders for things like traveling with young children or taking medications.

OurFamilyWizard’s secure messaging platform enables parents to have the same type of conversation they would have with their spouse, with the security that comes from knowing those conversations will never be edited, deleted, or retracted.

5. FamilyWall – Best Family Organizer for Co Parenting

FamilyWall - Best Family Organizer for Co Parenting

FamilyWall is the best family organizer for co parenting because of its ease of use and its support for modern technological habits. The product’s creators understand that families are constantly evolving, which has inspired them to keep the app updated and the database flexible. This allows families to easily include new partners, children, and parents without having to start from scratch.

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The app is available on computers, tablets, or phones. Each device can be synced with the others so that you can access your entire family history wherever you go.

Create custom lists that are automatically updated as they get completed, so you know what needs to be done.
Create custom lists that are automatically updated as they get completed, so you know what needs to be done.

FamilyWall is the most comprehensive family tree software available on mobile devices today. Not only does it allow users to view all of their family members, spouses, and children in one place; it also allows users to add information about each person, including photos and personal histories that can be updated over time as new memories are recorded.

FamilyWall allows you to create your own events, invite people to them, and invite people who may not have FamilyWall themselves to join the event using any social media site they use.

Birthday Party, Holidays, Family Reunion, so many best moments you can share easily and privately with your loved ones.
Birthday Party, Holidays, Family Reunion, so many best moments you can share easily and privately with your loved ones.

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FamilyWall combines many of the best features of other organizational tools to set it apart and make it more user-friendly. It has a calendar for scheduling meetings with the other parent, an address book for keeping track of other important contacts, and an online file system for sharing documents related to parenting.

With FamilyWall, you can:

  • Manage your family with a single login
  • Share calendars and photos between everyone in the family
  • Plan events together – all calendars sync automatically
  • Manage your household – add everyone’s contact information and important documents in one place
  • Maintain a history of communications

FamilyWall also makes it possible for parents to keep track of all sorts of other elements relating to their child’s life—from school schedules, homework assignments, and doctor’s appointments to extracurricular activities and after-school care.

Familywall - The shared calendar helps organize everyone's schedules, activities, and appointments in one place
Familywall – The shared calendar helps organize everyone’s schedules, activities, and appointments in one place

The calendar can be used specifically to note each parent’s availability when they’re available—for example, one parent may write down “Mondays 9AM-3PM” as their availability while the other writes down “Mondays 8:30PM-10PM” so that it’s clear when both parents are available for meeting with the child. This also makes it easy for both parents to keep track of appointments with doctors or teachers without having to coordinate with each other ahead of time.

It provides an easy way for families to share schedules, grocery lists, and to-do lists, as well as track and plan activities and outings. The app is currently focused on making life easier for parents who work from home and need support in managing their time with kids.

Plan the meals of the week and easily share with your family what’s on dinner.
Plan the meals of the week and easily share with your family what’s on dinner.

The application encourages families to get together more often by providing a central hub from which they can manage to-dos, locate each other when someone is outside or plan something together. Families can also quickly enter important information about their day that otherwise might slip through the cracks: “Alexa will pick up John at 3:30 pm today.” The app will then make sure that everyone has access to this information and can even automatically schedule a reminder for themselves if needed.

The FamilyWall app allows you to create lists of things to do, and have those lists automatically updated as you mark the items off. The app does this by taking advantage of the natural behavior people have when making lists. When someone completes an item on a list, they will typically cross it off that list or strike it through if they are marking it off electronically. This is a handy way to keep track of which things they have completed, but it also means that there is no way to tell what still needs to be done if you look at the list later on. 

Texts, voice, photos or even videos of your best moments, send whatever you want, privately and securely.
Texts, voice, photos or even videos of your best moments, send whatever you want, privately and securely.

When you check items off the list in FamilyWall, the app automatically creates a new list with all of the items that remain crossed out and cannot be seen in the original list. This way, you can see right away what needs to be done, and can easily separate items that are already done from those that are still outstanding.

FamilyWall makes it incredibly simple to post photos, videos, and messages about a big event to all the people who are connected to you on FamilyWall. You can post something once and have it automatically be sent to everyone in your FamilyWall. Your friends and family will receive it instantly on their device of choice and can comment on it from there as well. If you want to share something privately with one person or a handful of people, posting privately is as easy as swiping right on the message and selecting how many people you want to share with.

With Real-Time Location and Safe Zone Alerts, you can see on a map where your kids are
With Real-Time Location and Safe Zone Alerts, you can see on a map where your kids are

Familywall is definitely on the right track when it comes to creating a product that co-parents can use to better manage their relationship and parenting duties. While there are certainly some nice features of Familywall, it doesn’t quite have everything under control yet. Still though, if you’re looking to manage your family’s daily arrangements from a single app, Familywall should be near the top of your list.

6. Peaceful CoParenting Messenger

Peaceful CoParenting Messenger

Peaceful CoParenting Messenger is an app that gives divorced or separated parents a safe way to communicate with one another. It provides the functionality of the best messaging systems without exposing any personal information to cyber attack, and it also allows for secure, automated payments between co-parents.

It wants to eliminate the back and forth that happens when you need to make a payment to your co-parent, but don’t know how much money is in their account, or whether they’re going to call your bluff on not really wanting that extra pair of sneakers. 

PCM will allow you to check your child’s spending history, as well as your own; it’ll even let you see what they’ve spent in the past week so you can avoid any misunderstandings about who bought what and when. There are tons of other features planned for future releases (like a web portal so you can access your information from anywhere) but we wanted to get something out there now that will give co-parents peace of mind while they navigate this new and exciting parenting journey.

In a sense, it’s like Facebook for parents and their kids, but more streamlined and focused on communication between divorced parents. By providing a place to post pictures, videos, links and other updates about your child’s school activities or extracurricular activities, the app allows parents to keep up-to-date with their children’s lives even if they’re separated by geography.

In addition to just giving divorced parents a chance to keep tabs on their children’s lives, Peaceful CoParenting Messenger has a couple of other benefits as well. First of all, the app lets the children involved get more involved in the process—if you’ve got kids who are old enough to have smartphones, you can give them access to the app so they can submit some of their own entries to the chat. This way they can feel like they’re in control of at least part of their communication with mom and/or dad.

With Peaceful CoParenting Messenger, you can determine how often you’d like to receive messages from the other parent, as well as what time of day those messages should be sent. This helps ensure that both parents are on the same page about when they’ll be available to respond to messages. It also prevents over-texting by keeping the number of messages per day limited.

If abusive or inappropriate language comes up in any messages, you can flag them so they’re brought to the attention of the sender’s Peaceful CoParenting Messenger administrator, who will then decide if they should be deleted or reported. Peaceful CoParenting Messenger also allows users to record their voice so they don’t have to type responses back and forth all day long. This saves time, money and cell phone minutes while helping parents keep the focus where it is needed.

7. WeParent – A simple Parenting App

WeParent - Co-Parenting App

One of the most challenging aspects of co-parenting is staying in touch. With busy schedules, your lives can become very separate. You see each other at the children’s activities, but what about the rest of the time? WeParent is a great solution for the problem of staying organized and in touch.

WeParent is a great way to stay connected with your child’s other parent. Whether you’re co-parenting with a partner or ex, or you’re just trying to stay in touch with the other parent of your child, this is a great option. WeParent’s features include messaging, photo sharing, and even an emergency notification system. It’s available on both iOS and Android devices, making it easy to stay in touch no matter where you are. The app also includes reminders that allow you to coordinate logistics like picking up the kids at school or just reminding each other of important events (like birthdays or other special occasions).

This app helps co-parents keep in touch, share responsibilities, and even take care of the boring or difficult tasks (like organizing carpool or paying bills) that are often pushed aside when you’re busy with work and life. By getting this stuff done with a swipe of a finger, you can spend more time enjoying your child—and making sure he knows how much you both love him.

WeParent - Manage your custody schedules, organize calendar and lists, share information, and exchange messages – all in one place.
WeParent – Manage your custody schedules, organize calendar and lists, share information, and exchange messages – all in one place.

The app helps you organize everything related to your kid’s life in one place: calendar events, documents, expenses, custody schedules, photos, and messaging. With it, you can share information about your child with other family members and friends, so everyone is always on the same page about everything that’s going on with your kids. The calendar tool allows you to add any upcoming event or appointment for each family member—whether it’s a soccer game or piano recital—and then it will remind you when it’s time to leave or where the meeting is at. You can also use the calendar to track regular expenses like groceries or doctor appointments and send those receipts to your partner so he or she can reimburse you.

WeParent Co Parenting App offers three different pricing plans to suit your needs. The monthly plan costs $9.99 for one parent and includes all the main features of our app, including photo-sharing, text messaging, access to your children’s information and notifications about where they are, file-sharing and emailing.

In the annual plan at $99.99, you receive all of the great features above as well as additional services including digital photo storage, searchable documents and unlimited contact with your spouse or partner. Finally they offer a lifetime plan at $199.99 which also includes all of this but comes with a free upgrade that allows you to add up to 5 more users (up from 2 on our other plans).

8. SupportPay – Best Child Support, Expenses & Alimony app for Co Parenting

Easily Manage Child Support, Payments & Share Expenses Between Parents
Easily Manage Child Support, Payments & Share Expenses Between Parents

SupportPay is the best app for child support, expenses, and alimony payments. SupportPay is the most comprehensive tool for co-parenting and is on the forefront of mobile technology. The app allows you to manage support payments, expenses and alimony, as well as communicate with your co-parent with ease.

SupportPay also allows you to setup a payment plan which will automatically withdraw payments from the debtor’s bank account without even having to contact them–which is great if they aren’t willing to pay up voluntarily.

SupportPay features:

  • Ability to track expenses and income due
  • Recipient list to keep track of who you pay child support, alimony or expenses to
  • Notification when a payment is made or received
  • Alerts when payments are due
  • Flexible budgeting options (set amount, percentage of income)
  • Log time spent with your kids/ex’s children in an easy way

This will be especially helpful if you have children with someone who isn’t always reliable when it comes to paying their fair share of expenses. This app is state-specific, meaning that your legal rights as a parent will be respected.

There are some great features that SupportPay offers, including the ability to add photos and voice memos to your expense items and a customizable checklist to help you keep track of when different payments are due. You can also link your bank account or credit card to the app, allowing you to quickly access your transaction history, as well as send e-transfers directly through the app to your co parent’s account.

SupportPay also gives detailed reports about how much money has been spent on things like childcare, extracurricular activities and groceries every month, making it easy for both parties involved in the process to see exactly where all of the money is going.

The SupportPay app is an easy-to-use, convenient way to view your child support, alimony, and your children’s expenses in a single, easy-to-use application that can be accessed from the web or mobile device.

The latest version of SupportPay features an improved design and layout with the user experience at the forefront of its development. The new design ensures that all relevant information can be viewed quickly and easily: users can now see their month-to-month spend on behalf of their children, what they are paying for; how much money is being received each month; what percentage is going directly to their children; how much money is going towards their own expenses; how much money they are being charged in fees by the application; and how much money they are expected to pay. The new version also includes a number of tools that will allow users to manage their repayments efficiently.

9. Cozi Family Organizer – Must-have Shared Calendar app for Co-Parents

Cozi Family Organizer is the surprisingly simple way to manage everyday family life. With a shared calendar, reminders, grocery list and more,
Cozi Family Organizer is the surprisingly simple way to manage everyday family life. With a shared calendar, reminders, grocery list and more,

A shared calendar app is a must-have for any co-parenting couple—particularly if you have more than one child in your family. Your children’s schedules can quickly become hectic, especially when you have to account for multiple sports practices, schools, and other activities. It’s easy to lose track of where everyone is supposed to be, and it’s frustrating to miss an appointment or forget about an event entirely.

Cozi Family Organizer is the best app for shared calendars and to-do lists that I’ve been able to find.  

A simple online calendar will keep you and your co-parent on the same page about what needs to happen next, even if you can’t communicate with each other directly. You’ll never have to deal with the confusion of wondering whether or not practice ran late or if someone forgot about a dentist appointment again. And the best part? Cozi Family Organizer is intuitive and easy to use, so both parents can securely log in and make changes from any device.

The calendar also has a handy “notes” section where we can write important information down that we don’t want to forget (like the phone number of the girl who makes his Halloween costume every year), and it even integrates with Siri so we can add things directly from our iPhones.

The best feature is being able to share the calendar with family through Google Calendar. And it’s perfect for co-parenting: with Cozi, you and your co-parent can share grocery lists, shopping trips, and other important information about the kids’ activities, school events, and more. You can even set reminders to ensure no one forgets to pick up the kids or pay a bill on time. Cozi makes it easy to to manage your family on the go–at home or on the go. It’s a must-have for any co-parenting team looking for an easy way to keep track of the kids.

What is a co parenting app?

Many parents are not only living together but also raising a child together. However, it is not always easy for these parents to get along and work with each other equally. Some of the reasons for this include the fact that there is a lot of tension between them and they are constantly arguing about how to raise the child. In addition, even if both parents love their child, there can be disagreements about how to discipline them or how much time should be spent with one parent versus the other.

Co-parenting apps are designed to manage and facilitate communication between parents who share custody of a child. These apps make it easy for parents to keep in touch, share photos and notes, and even help resolve conflicts. Co-parenting apps are not just for two-parent households. If you have multiple children from different relationships or if you’re a single parent with custody of multiple kids, there are co-parenting apps that can help keep you organized.

How to choose the right Co-Parenting app?

Choosing a co-parenting app can be daunting. There are numerous options out there, and each one has different features. Some of them are specifically focused on helping you communicate, while others do more. Some even have an entire social network attached to the app! But, which one should you choose? Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your co-parenting app:

The first thing to consider is the features offered by the app. Many apps offer additional features for a fee, but it’s important to make sure that the basic functionality you need is included in the free version. 

What are the ways you want to communicate with your co-parent? Chatting is a must, but if you want to send pictures or file attachments, you’ll need to make sure those features are free. Many of these apps allow users to set up multiple accounts so that they can have one for themselves and one for their co-parent. If you live far away from your ex, this might be just what you’re looking for! You also want to make sure that the information shared is secure. How do they encrypt your data? Is user information sold?

In order to choose the best app for your circumstances, you need to answer a few questions such as:

  • What is your reason for using a co-parenting app? Is it to keep in touch with the other parent, or to have a means of communication in case of an emergency?
  • What are the various features available in the co-parenting apps? It is important to know what they can do and what they cannot do.
  • What is your budget? Do you want a paid app or a free one?
  • Do your research online before buying a co-parenting app. Check what other people have to say about that app. After all, you will be using this app regularly so it makes sense that you check out reviews before settling on one.

Are there any specific aspects of your family dynamic that will affect how you use this app?

Some of them have amazing features like scheduling meetings between the parents, sharing photos and videos of your children, etc. Some of them even allow you to create a family group so that all your family members can be in touch with each other at all times and can know each others whereabouts as well. These apps also allow you to create an emergency list so that in case any emergency situations arise, your near and dear ones will be notified immediately.

There are several such apps available on Google play store and Apple store but choosing the right one is very important. Make sure you do proper research before purchasing an app. You may take help from your friends or relatives who are already using one of these apps for their co-parenting needs.

What’s the best way to use the app?

The co-parenting app is designed to keep you and your co-parent in sync with each other and the kids. It’s not a social network, so there’s no need to post selfies or share personal details. 

The app is mainly useful as a way to keep lines of communication open, but since it doesn’t rely on texting alone it avoids the misunderstandings that can come from text messages where things like tone of voice aren’t conveyed. The app is also convenient for sharing information about the kids when you can’t meet in person. 

If one parent needs to drop off a permission slip at school, for example, they can email it to the other parent directly from the app. The app also makes it easy for you to share photos with each other. There are already dozens of ways to share photos with friends on social media, but if you want somebody else to see them right away and make sure they’re safe and sound without having to ask for their email address or figure out a unique URL, this is an easy way to do that.

The app also has an option for sharing videos with each other. This could be useful for recording family memories, or it could be helpful if a child says something important that needs to be shared immediately—you can record them.

The Co app is designed to provide a safe, virtual meeting place for parents to share information about their children. The app’s creators say it was created for parents who can’t meet in person due to separation or divorce. But the app isn’t limited to those circumstances—it can be used in any situation where two parents have different parenting styles, or where at least one parent wants more information about the other’s parenting choices. For example, if a child has a medical issue, it might be difficult for both parents to get together in person. With Co, they could share information and help each other understand what’s going on with their child.

Even though Co seems specifically geared toward divorced families and parents who don’t live together (or who don’t get along), you don’t have to be separated or divorced in order to use it. You just need to have kids. The app makes it easy for anyone—whether they’re single, married, divorced, or remarried—to create a profile and start sharing photos, updates, and milestones with one or both of their kids’ other parent(s). The only prerequisite is that you both have your own profiles so that you each have access to the shared content.

These co-parenting apps are a great start for parents looking to share custody with a former partner. The current generation of children has more divorced parents than ever before. These app can help make the often difficult co parenting process run more smoothly.

Hopefully this list will be helpful in the search for a co-parenting app. If you know of any other apps for co-parenting that aren’t listed, please let us know in the comments below.