11 Best Apple Watch Games right now

Are you Looking to enhance your Apple Watch experience with some exciting games? Look no further! In the below article, our team has curated a list of the best Apple Watch games right now that will take your wrist gaming to the next level. Whether you want to play games yourselves or looking for top matches for your children, get ready to dive into a world of entertainment and fun with these captivating titles.

Best Apple Watch Games for kids and gamers also
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With its compact design, intuitive display, health monitoring, and powerful features, the Apple Watch has revolutionized how we interact with technology over the last five years. 

While Apple Watch is primarily known for its health, time-keeping, and safety features, including tracking family members or locating kids with GPS, and productivity features, it also offers a range of entertaining games that can be enjoyed right from your wrist. Everyone can benefit from the various functionalities of the Apple Watch, from kids and teenagers to adults.

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Apple Watch is known to be a premium watch because of its premium display and extraordinary tracking capabilities. Apple Watch costs more than other kid’s smartwatches, but it is worth it due to its many features, including thousands of apps and games.

Below are the 11 best Apple Watch games

Best Apple Watch Games right now
Image by Parentaldaily

The below article from Parvinder Singh, who writes about the latest technology here at Parentaldaily, presents the 15 best Apple Watch games to enhance your gaming experience on this wearable device.

1 Best for Strategy Enthusiasts: “Tiny Armies”  

Tiny Armies for apple watch

 This real-time strategy game is one of the best conquest games on apple watch that lets you command an army of cute, formidable characters. You can engage in tactical battles with your enemy and aim to conquer the enemy’s base while managing your resources. 

With its intuitive controls, views (lakes, mountains, and forests ), and challenging gameplay, “Tiny Armies” is a must-play for strategy game enthusiasts. Parvinder says he loves this game because you can play solo, battle your friends face-to-face or use iMessage to play on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch worldwide.


2 Top Puzzle Game: “Rules!” by TheCodingMonkeys

Rules! Fast paced puzzle action apple watch game

 We love this game because it is full of cuteness and offers challenging, fast-paced, yet fun-loving gameplay. As a player, you can test your memory and cognitive skills on your Apple Watch with this captivating puzzle game. 

You need to follow a set of rules and complete various challenges in the shortest time possible. With its minimalist design and addictive gameplay, Acrroding to use, “Rules!” offers an engaging experience on your Apple Watch where you can choose between Beginner, Expert, or Timeless gameplay.


3 Most Gripping Text Adventure: “Lifeline” by 3 Minute Games

Lifeline adventure game on apple watch

 When you start this game, you must embark on a thrilling text-based adventure where your decisions shape the fate of a stranded astronaut – where you have to survive on your own against unimaginable odds. 

While playing the game, we noticed that real-time notifications guide the protagonist’s choices and help them survive in a hostile environment. The gripping narrative of “Lifeline” will keep you hooked for hours.

The main character, “Taylor,” will depend on your choices that, in the end, will decide the fate of life and face the consequences together.


4 Best Social Trivia Game: “Trivia Crack” by Etermax

Trivia Crack quiz game on apple watch for kids

As a player, you can challenge your knowledge with this popular trivia game. We recommend parents download this game on their phones and play it with their children. You can also compete against friends or random opponents, answering questions from various categories. 

With its interactive interface and social features, “Trivia Crack” brings the excitement of trivia nights to your wrist.



5 Best Brain Training Game: “Elevate – Brain Training” by Elevate, Inc.

Elevate - Brain Training Games Memory, Math, and Word Puzzles apple watch

Parents can help their children to improve their cognitive skills with this brain-training app that includes a variety of engaging mini-games. 

Designed to enhance focus, memory, and problem-solving abilities, “Elevate” offers personalized training sessions tailored to your needs, all from your Apple Watch. We highly recommend this Apple watch game to children interested in learning Memory, Math, and Word Puzzles, fostering cognitive, Analytical, and Quantitative skills. 



6 Best Nostalgic Game: “Ping Pong – Watch Retro Game

Ping Pong - Watch Retro Game

Ping Pong: Watch Retro Game is a fantastic Apple Watch game that brings the classic ping pong experience to your wrist. With its retro-inspired graphics and intuitive controls, you can enjoy the nostalgic fun of table tennis right on your Apple Watch. 

Play against the computer or challenge a friend in a fast-paced match using the digital crown to control the paddle. The game offers smooth gameplay and responsive controls, ensuring an enjoyable and engaging gaming experience. Ping Pong – Watch Retro Game is a must-have for ping pong enthusiasts looking for quick and entertaining gameplay on their Apple Watch.


 7 Best Pickpocketing Thrill: “Pocket Bandit” by Funday Factory

Pocket Bandit is a fun and fast-paced puzzle game for Apple Watch

You can master pickpocketing in this engaging game on your Apple Watch. We love this fast-paced puzzle game that requires no actual lawbreaking. 

Swipe your finger across the screen to steal valuable items without getting caught. With its challenging levels and addictive gameplay, “Pocket Bandit” provides a thrilling experience on your Apple Watch. You have to use the digital crown to move the cursor in the game, which moves between numbers. If the Apple watch starts vibrating, that means you are on a good number, and the safe will open, depicting a successful heist for you.


8 Most Addictive Word Game: “Snappy Word” by Apps On The Move

Snappy Word - Word Puzzle Game on apple watch

This game can help parents or caretakers to expand their children’s vocabulary and test their word-finding skills in this addictive word game. 

Children can start their play by swiping the letters to make words. There are many levels of wordplay for children, and they can also challenge their friends to find all hidden words to complete and win the game.

Unscramble the letters to form words and earn points within the time limit. “Snappy Word” offers endless wordplay and brain-teasing fun on your Apple Watch.


9 Top Tube Manipulation Game: “Tube Twister” by OneButton Studio

Tube Twister apple watch game

 Solve intricate tube puzzles by rotating and connecting the pieces to create a continuous flow. With its intuitive controls and challenging levels, “Tube Twister” offers a mind-bending experience on your Apple Watch.

10 Best Tap-and-Swim Adventure: “Jellyfish Tap” by Pixio Limited

Jellyfish Tap - Watch Game

 Parents can play this game with their children to guide a jellyfish through a vibrant underwater world, tapping the screen to navigate obstacles and collect treasures – obstructions are generally blue or yellow slab tubes suspended up and down, creating a path for the jellyfish in the center. 

With its stunning visuals and immersive gameplay, “Jellyfish Tap” offers a delightful aquatic adventure on your Apple Watch.


11 Best Chess Experience: “Chess” by Chess.com

Chess - Play & Learn on apple watch

You can challenge your strategic skills with the classic chess game on your Apple watch with your friends or join over 100 million players worldwide. It is one of the best strategy games you can play with friends and family. Parents can also teach their kids to play chess and compete online with friends.

Play against the computer or test your abilities against online opponents. With its intuitive interface and comprehensive features, “Chess” on the Apple Watch offers a convenient and immersive chess experience.



The Apple Watch offers various games that can transform your wrist into a gaming console. From strategy and puzzles to adventure and arcade games, the selection presented here showcases the 11 best Apple Watch games that captivate and entertain you.

 So, whether you have a few minutes to spare or want to indulge in a full-fledged gaming session, these games will surely provide a delightful experience right from your wrist.