Amazfit GTS 3: Ultimate Health & Fitness Smartwatch – 37% Off Now!

Amazfit GTS 3 Smart Watch is one of the best GPS fitness sports watch for women currently on the market. After testing and having a good look at it for three days – I can say that It is more than just a watch; it is a comprehensive fitness and health tracker that keeps you informed about your physical condition at all times. 

Amazfit GTS 3 Smart Watch on a wrist showing amazon alexa voice assistant

Furthermore, Amazfit GTS 3 can be easily paired with both iPhone and Android devices. This watch is currently on sale with a 37% discount, making it available for just $94.

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Amazfit GTS 3 Smart Watch on a wrist showing amazon alexa voice assistant

Amazfit GTS 3 Smart Watch

It’s not just a watch, but a comprehensive fitness and location tracking device that is compatible with both Android and iPhone. In addition to its sleek design, it offers impressive features that set it apart from many in the market. 

  • Built-in Alexa for user-friendly interface and convenience
  • Impressive 1.75″ AMOLED display for clear visuals
  • Long-lasting 12-day battery life
  • 150 sports modes for comprehensive physical activity tracking
  • Heart rate and blood oxygen level monitoring
  • Stress and sleep pattern tracking

With close to 5K reviews with 4.1 rating out of 5, Amazfit comes in five primary colors – Terra Rose, Ivory White, Graphite, Black, Lilack Purple, an obsdian black.  

  • GPS & Activity Tracker: GPS and Activity tracker feature allows you to track your and your family or friends location in real-time, keeping you aware of your whereabouts during outdoor activities. You can also track your morning runs and other fitness activities using the built-in activity tracker app.
  • Calorie Tracker: With this feature, you can monitor your calorie intake and expenditure, assisting you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  • Heart Rate Monitor & SpO2 tracker: SpO2 and heart rate monitors are now standard in smaa smartwatch and are also essential for a fitness tracker. These trackers help in continuous tracking of your heart rate and blood oxygen levels, aiding in early detection of potential health issues. 
  • Stress Tracking & Sleep Monitor: Other important features including stress and sleep tracking are also essential for women’s health to understand your sleep patterns and stress levels, which are vital for overall wellness. Although Amazfit GTS 3 doesn’t have Menstrual Cycle Tracking and fertility windows prediction like other smartwatches such as  Galaxy Watch 5, Apple Watch 8 or Garmin Lily – but for the cheap price of just $97 it offers all the essential location tracking, fitness and health management features.
  • Always On Display: This feature ensures that your health data is always visible to you, making it easier for you to monitor your stats. 
Amazfit GTS 3 Smart Watch for Android iPhone with unboxing original box

Notably, this smartwatch has an impressive battery life of 12 days and comes with a stunning 1.75″ AMOLED display. The black color gives it a sleek and stylish look, adding to its appeal. Lastly, with Alexa built-in, you can effortlessly control your smart home devices, set reminders, ask for weather updates, and much more.

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Get this Watch on Amazon now for just $94 – 37% off from the original price of $149.99.

What makes the Amazfit GTS 3 Smart Watch a must-have and I really like this feature  is its built-in Alexa feature. You can use Alexa voice assistant for setting an alarm, asking a question, getting a translation and more. 

However, if you don’t have internet access Amazfit offers offline voice assistant to help you with Breath Monitor, Heart Rate Monitor, GPS, Voice Control, Multisport Tracker. 

You can also ask Alexa voce assistant for weather updates rear or you or anywhere in the world.  In addition, it comes with an impressive 1.75″ AMOLED display, offering you clear and vibrant visuals at all times. 

Moreover, the watch manufacturers Amazfit did really good with the overall battery life as it boasts an incredible 12-day battery life. This means you can wear it for nearly two weeks without worrying about charging. You can go on long trails and trekking adventures or take your family on a camping trip for a week without worrying aabout the battery life of the device. 

But For me, the features that truly make this watch stand out are the 150 sports modes. These modes provide comprehensive tracking for various physical activities, ensuring you can monitor your performance in real-time.

If you are into fitness and love sports activities then I highly recommend this comprehensive fitness wearable sports watch for you. it doesn’t matter if you are a teen, women or a man –  for its health tracking capabilities, you can rely on the watch to monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen levels accurately.

Currently, you can avail a 37% discount on this watch on Amazon, bringing its price down to just $94. Considering the plethora of features and benefits it offers, I believe the Amazfit GTS 3 Smart Watch is a steal at this price.