Are You Smart? Take the Am I Smart Quiz to Find Out

Do you ever think or wonder whether you are a genius, smart, or an average person? Did “Am I Smart?” question Intriguedyou enough that you want to test your smartness? Or, do you immerse yourself in a wide range of subjects and tasks with ease?

I’ve created a smart quiz challenge for everyone to evaluate their intelligence and widen their knowledge horizons. Anyone can take part in this quiz and test their knowledge about history, science, arts and culture.

Another article published on medlineplus indicates that the IQ scores can be influenced by factors such as genetics and the environment. Research Journal, “Genetics and intelligence differences: five special findings,” concludes that – Intelligence is a complex trait of living beings influenced by one’s unpgringing, environmental factors and definitely genetics also plays a big part. 

Before we start the quiz, let’s take a moment and have a look at some crucial things. This intelligence or smartness quizzes don’t clearly show your intelligence – it just indicate your versatility and knowledge across different subjects.

Welcome to our ‘Am I Smart Quiz?’. It’s time to check how smart you are! 

University of Nigeria peer reviewed correlation between IQ and academic success. In their research theyincluded children from both Public and private schools using multistage sampling technique. Age, gender, socio-economic and family size and other important factors were also taken into account during the study.

The study result unequivocally show that high IQ and good academic performance are co-related and upper social class students in private school did better than their counterparts.

Also, being smart is just not about your ability to absorb + understand and apply knowledge. Smartness incorporates various factors, including problem-solving skills, creative skills, curiosity, Perceptual Reasoning, Working Memory and many other factors. 

Diana Mindrila and Phoebe Baletnyne, in their study, found that about 68% of the population has an IQ between 85 and 115. They also applied the IQ score distribution based on the Standford-Binet Intelligence Scale, which also lead to this conclusion.